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Vantage Point 1 Exhibition-In_Print - curator Paul Butler
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January 26, 2009 - Vantage Art Projects is excited to announce our first ever, open call for submissions for a VANTAGE POINT, EXHIBITION-IN-PRINT curated by PAUL BUTLER. The call for submissions runs from Monday, January 26, 2009 to  Saturday, March 21, 2009. Artists of any age and discipline, from any country in the world, are invited to submit in response to our curatorial theme.

Currently in-term at the Mountain School for the Arts in Los Angeles, CA, Paul Butler is a Winnipeg-based artist, curator and art dealer ( His practice includes The Collage Party, The Other Gallery and more recently, the Upper Trading Post.  In 2008, he led "Reverse Pedagogy", an experimental residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts. Exhibitions of his work have included: MOCA, Los Angeles; Justina M Barnicke Gallery,Hart House, University of Toronto; White Columns, New York City; Creative Growth Art Centre, Oakland and Sparwasser HQ, Berlin. Curatorial projects have included projects with Matthew Higgs, Mitzi Pederson, DearRaindrop and Guy Maddin.

30 selected artists will have their work published in this unique art book along with a selection of Paul's own work and his collaborations with other artists. The book will be launched in June 2009 and available from the Vantage Art Projects web site, select galleries and retailers. This project is unique in the scope of it's inclusiveness, and in the overall aim to create open dialogue in visual arts through art publications.

The curatorial theme was developed by Paul, and is very much in keeping with his own collaborative multi-disciplinary and social intervention-based art practice. Paul is currently attending "The Mountain School", an alternative art school in Los Angeles. His presence at the school made us consider having some fun with learning; "going off-the-grid with our education, doing some home schooling and then some re-tooling."

Artists are invited to submit up to 3 works for consideration in response to the concept: "Community and Collaboration as a Form of Pedagogy". Our intention is to publish one artwork work per selected artist/collaborative team.

A simple paraphrase of the theme would be "collective means of alternative learning and creating". Our tongue-in-cheek examples of this include: peer pressure, dating, father-daughter days, Rotarians, elder worship and good old fashioned "keeping up with the Joneses".  The further definition of "collaboration" is open to interpretation. It can mean a literal collaboration with other artists or people from other disciplines or walks of life (scientists, accountants, musicians, children). It can also mean a metaphorical collaboration such as a collaboration with nature, or a collaboration with another discipline or body or knowledge.  "Community" is a way of expanding the definition of collaboration, below, to include influences of social, special interest or other groups. "Pedagogy" refers to teaching and learning theory and methods. In keeping with the theme of an alternative pedagogy, consider ideas/expression related outsider art or self-taught methods of art production. Paul is also asking artists to consider "alternative" materials such as those that are found, repurposed, readymade, and low-brow or industrial.

Finally, the artist submissions will be blind-juried which is one way that we aim to level the playing field, and provide equal opportunities for all artists. Practically, this means that Paul will not see names or resumes when he is selecting the work to be published.

Artists can submit today through the Vantage Art Projects website ( A small administrative fee is charged for submissions to enable the production of this exciting project.

Vantage Art Projects supports the contemporary arts through a commitment to providing parallel opportunities for artists, and connecting art enthusiasts and collectors with exciting new talent. The scope of our projects includes: Vantage Exhibitions, Vantage Art Press and Vantage Editions.

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Deadline: 03-21-2009
Vantage Art Projects
Vancouver/Los Angeles

Contact: Jennifer Mawby
Phone: 604-783-7178

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