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Artist Call Detail

Black Lab (working title)
For International artists

The Lab is seeking visual art, literary, and performance submissions for a group exhibition uncovering the shadow side of art.

Of particular interest are proposals that investigate negative astral correspondences in art history. We are looking for two- and three-dimensional pieces, video, installation, interactive, and experimental works involving anarchic local counter-culture rituals, nihilist esoterica, and an arcane aesthetic in general.

Submissions must be received by June 1, 2010. Please do not send packages that must be signed for upon delivery, or that must be picked up from the post office.

To submit, please send one of the following:

  • 5 - 7 images: jpeg or gif, Mac formatted, no larger than 1MB each, on CD (no FTP or YouSendIt)
  • 3 - 5 pages of manuscript or manuscript excerpt: 2 hard copies and a Word doc or pdf on CD-
  • Up to 3 video samples--we will watch the first five minutes of each

(Please note: while we will review artist websites if you submit a link, we do not currently accept online file transfers such as DropBox or Thank you for your flexibility.)

  • An artist statement
  • A CV or resume
  • Complete contact info
  • A SASE if you would like your materials returned


Please send materials to:

The Lab
Attn: Black Lab
2948 Sixteenth Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Deadline: 06-01-2010
The Lab
San Francisco

Contact: Mary Anne Kluth
Phone: 415-864-8855

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