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The Circle 7th International Annual Exhibition: Call for artists
For International artists

 The Circle 7th Annual Exhibition


The Circle Exhibition is currently calling for artists for its 7th Annual Exhibition.


The international Circle Exhibition will take place in Tokyo, Japan June 12th - 30th, 2010.


The Circle Exhibition is looking for artists who are interested in displaying and selling original postcards with their artwork printed.


For more Information and Updates, please visit


General Information:

Date: June 12th-30th, 2010. Opening reception on June 12th.

Place: Postcards will be displayed at Meiji University Campus and sold at several art galleries and cafes in Tokyo. Mainly we will be selling the postcards at "Hana No Gabou" Gallery, Kanagawa.

Application fee: US$100 (you can pay by Paypal or by sending us a check)

Deadline: May 27th, 2010

Price: Each artist will decide the selling price for his or her own postcards.


What We Need From You:

1. An application fee of US$100.

2. One of your original artworks in PDF, AI, JPG, or BMP format sent by email. The resolution should be 300 dpi. The size of the picture should be greater than 1642 x 1264 pixel. Aspect ratio of the file should be 4:3. File should be less than 8 MB.

3. The selling price for your postcard. We will print 100 postcards for each artist. 80 postcards will be sold. The remaining 20 postcards will be used for advertisement and for sending to local publishers. If the postcards do not sell, each artist can pay an additional US$18 and we will send them back to you.


What We Will Do:

We will handle the printing and shipment for all postcards.

We will organize the opening reception, promotion and advertisement.

We will set up the exhibition and install postcard displays at Meiji University, Tokyo. We will also display postcards for sale at different locations.


If you would like to apply, please send an email to with the following information:

1.      Full name.

2.      Email address.

3.      Website (if you have one).

4.      If you have a website, can we use pictures from your website for promotion of this event? (YES/NO)

5.      Address in U.S.

6.      The way of payment (Paypal or check)

7.      Title of your artwork.

8.      Brief description/information about the artwork.

9.      Do you want us to send back your postcards if they do not sell? (YES/NO) *additional US$18 will apply.

10.  If YES, provide the address you would like the postcards returned to.


From June 15th to June 29th, Minatsu, the creator of The Circle Exhibition, is going to give lectures related to the study of death among human beings at Meiji University, Tokyo. During this time, the Circle Exhibition will display artworks and postcards also related to the study of death among human beings.




I want to ask some questions before applying. How can I ask questions?

-Please send an email to and we will reply to you ASAP.


Where is Meiji University?

-Meiji University is located in Tokyo, Japan. We will be displaying artworks on the main campus. Website in English:


Where is Hana No Gabou Art Gallery?

-Hana No Gabou is located in Kanagawa, Japan.

Website in English:


Does my artwork have to be related to the study of death among human beings?

-No, artists can submit their artwork that relates to anything. Although Meiji University is sponsoring the Circle Exhibit and encourages artwork related to the study of death and human beings, artworks related to all subjects will be accepted.


How will this event be promoted?

-We will be working with local newspaper, and direct mails.


Are you looking for more than 100 artists?

-No, we will stop accepting applications after we have 100 artists. If you send an application fee but we already have more than 100 artists, we will refund the application fee to you.


Do I have to have certain skills in painting or drawing?

-No, the concept of The Circle Exhibition is that everyone can paint and draw. There have been many non-artist participants in past exhibitions.


Where will you sell my postcard?

-We will mainly be selling the postcards in art galleries and cafes in Tokyo, Japan.


How much should I price my postcard?

-This is completely up to you, but just to give you an idea, the average price of a postcard that in Japan is around 150 to 300 yen (US$1.50- $3.00).z88;


Can I make an original postcard and send it to you?

-No, please send us the digital data of your artwork and we will make postcards from that picture.


Do you take commissions?

-No, we do not take commissions.

Deadline: 05-27-2010
The Circle Exhibition

Contact: kotaro

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