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'2' - Double Solo-Exhibition Opportunity: Call to Artists + Designers
For International artists

The BECA Foundation is pleased to present the following double solo exhibition opportunity to two artists, designers, duos, groups or collectives to exhibit new works of art or design at BECA ICAD (International Center for Art + Design) located at 527 St. Joseph Street, New Orleans, LA 70130, USA.

 This Call to Artists and Designers will remain open through June 3, 2010

Artists + designers at least 18 years of age from all countries are encouraged to submit their works for consideration according to the guidelines below. Two artists, designers, duos, groups or collectives will be selected by BECA Foundation directors + advisors to receive the double solo exhibition opportunity from July 3 - 31, 2010. Each of those two selected will be allocated either the front or rear gallery space for the exhibition of their work. 

Submitted works are not required to conform to any particular medium, style, theme or concept. Accepted works and mediums include, but are not limited to: site-specific installations, painting, sculpture, mixed-media, drawing, printmaking, fiber, textiles, illustration, digital art, photography, video/new media, film, performance art, music and sound focused works, 3D animation, graphic design, product design, furniture design, haute couture fashion + accessories, architectural interventions/designs and functional art, etc.  In other words, all creative culminations are welcome.

Deadline: 06-03-2010
The BECA Foundation
New Orleans, LA


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