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Call for all Bay Area artists. Large scale Public Art Display
For Northern CA artists

Attention ALL Bay Area artists! A large scale public art installation is taking place in San Francisco and we are accepting submissions from all Bay Area artists. Come be part of the "Lights On.." movement. 

Tarryn Teresa Gallery is pleased to announce Lights on S.F., a public art event celebrating Bay Area artists. The project, developed and organized by Tarryn Teresa Gallery, is composed of energy efficient CFL light bulbs decorated by individual artists and then collected into a single, temporary exhibit. Each evening the bulbs will be illuminated at the same time as city street lights, overwhelming the park with the light from the collected assembly of light bulbs. 

The project was intended to be a way to focus attention on the arts during difficult economic times, when "nonessentials" typically suffer. The installation is meant to serve as a reminder of the role that a vital and diverse artistic community plays in any successful urban environment. 

For information and to submit, please go to our website and click on Lights on SF: 

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: All submission must be received May 10. 

Send submissions to the Tarryn Teresa office: 
1841 Stanford St., Santa Monica, CA  90404 


Deadline: 05-28-2010
Tarryn Teresa Gallery
Los Angeles

Contact: tarryn Soderberg

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