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Experimental Film/Video Artists
For International artists

Suspension is a dispersion of particles; a postponement or interruption of ordinary thinking and seeing; a transitory state of uncertainty and excitement; a bridge between belief and disbelief; or none of the above.

“Suspension” is an experimental film/video exhibition project. Filmmakers and video artists world-wide are invited to apply. Three artists will be selected by a jury of three critically- acclaimed experimental film/video artists. Each of the selected artists will present their work in a series of one-person exhibitions from January 22 to March 1. Each artist’s work will be featured for 11 days. We seek single or multi-channel video works, projections, digital installations, and new works that push the boundaries of the moving image. Works can be any length. Artists can show up to four films and/or videos. 

Deadline: 12-05-2014
Rockville, MD

Contact: Susan Main
Phone: 301.315.8200 ext.110

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