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9th Artist Call for La Escocesa Art Center Art Center Residency Program
For International artists

La Escocesa, Art Center is a center for visual art production located in Barcelona (in the District of Sant Martí, Poblenou neighborhood) specialized in painting, sculpture, silk screening, design, graffiti, illustration, physical installations, ephemeral architecture…

It is an Art Factory center for visual artist residents which aims to improve their creativity and professional career. La Escocesa is a member of Barcelona City Council’s Art Factories Project (Fàbriques de Creació) and provides a public service for creation oriented to the best upcoming visual artists of the city and the sector. The center frequently collaborates with other art spaces, centers and creative networks in the areas of Catalonia, foreign countries and the neighborhood.

La Escocesa is a public service for the arts in the city of Barcelona, and is managed by the visual artist’s association “Associació d’Idees”, an association whose members have a long-term experience in La Escocesa factory complex since 1999, before becoming an official service for the city and sector.

Currently, the residents are a combination between established artists and those who are in the process of professional development.

The center has 21 workshops / studios in total in its two floors. On the top floor there are mainly painters, and on the ground floor there are artists whose work requires larger spaces (or outside work) for sculpture and installations.


Open call for a residency in 4 working studios in La Escocesa, Art Center.

Vacant Spaces

I. 2 long-term residence studios for a period of two years (with a possible exceptional extension of 1 year depending on the evaluation of the project by the art committee).

  • 1 studio – the residency begins on November 24, 2014
  • 1 studio – the residency begins on March 1, 2015 

II. 2 short-term residence studios for a period of 6 months:

  • 1 studio – the residency begins on November 24, 2014
  • 1 studio – the residency begins on June 1, 2015


  • 4 studios available in La Escocesa building.
  • The studios are about 7x5 meters in size.

Monthly Price:

  • Individual artists= 100 €
  • Artists collectives= 150 €

Prices includes the following services:

  • Wireless Internet, electricity, water and supplies. Ability to use the common areas (kitchen, exhibition space -Espai M-…) and services (utility room, computer and some technical equipment of La Escocesa)
  • Ability to apply for international residency and production – exhibition grants for the resident artists
  • Ability to exhibit at Espai M and to participate in other collaborative projects of the Center

Selection Process

La Escocesa wants to promote the best emerging contemporary visual artists of the city of Barcelona and its surroundings.

For this reason, candidates will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Interest in the topic of research
  • Artistic value of the work considering its uniqueness, innovation and quality
  • Trajectory of the artist

 I.  Long-term residencies:

We are offering two residences for a period of two years maximum (exceptionally extendable to three if the evaluation committee considers that the developed project requires extra time for its completion). The first one starts on November 24th, 2014, and the second one on March 01st, 2015.

 II. Short-time residencies:

  • We are offering two consecutive residencies for a period of 6 months.
  • The short-term residency candidates will be put into a list ordered from highest to lowest evaluation.
  • If the selected artist cannot take part in the residency at the time of entry, the center shall offer the residency to the next candidate with the highest evaluation.

*Candidates can apply to the different models of residencies offered, and must clearly indicate their option in the application.


The selection will be impartial by a jury with the following structure:

 3 external members:

- José Antonio Carulla (N2 Gallery), Marie Claire Uberquoi (art critic and journalist), Eulàlia Valldosera (artist)

1 member of the Institute of Culture (City Council of Barcelona)

2 internal members (of the Associació d'Idees - La Escocesa)

- Xavier Vilagut (artist), Tamara Zaitseva (artist) 


  • October 27, 2014: Artists call Opening
  • November 16, 2014: End of the artist call
  • November 18, 2014: Jury deliberation
  • November 20, 2014: Official communication of the selected artists
  • November 24, 2014: Beginning of Long-term residency A
  • November 24, 2014: Beginning of Short-term residency B
  • March 01, 2015: Beginning of Long-term residency C
  • June 01, 2015: Beginning of Short-term residency D

Who can participate

  • All visual artists without distinction of nationality, origin or current residence.
  • Artists that have already made a ​​Long-term residence in La Escocesa cannot apply.
  •  The management of the Center has the support of the resident artists that help in the configuration and implementation of the annual program of activities and in the functioning. You can find more information of La Escocesa model through this link.


The registration is free

1. Application form with:

  • Name and Surname
  • Contact details (telephone number and email)
  • Artistic Discipline
  • The option that you choose between the different models of residencies offered (options A, B, C, D). If you want to choose more than one it must be clearly specified it in the application.

2. Artist statement with the project description

3. Resume/CV

4. Portfolio (with high quality images included)

Submissions must be send to the email with the following headline “Name and Surname - 9TH ARTIST CALL - LA ESCOCESA”

Deadline: 11-16-2014
La Escocesa
Barcelona, Spain

Contact: La Escocesa

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