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The Bay Area Discovery Museum is accepting proposals for its Artist-in-Residence program.

The Artist-in-Residence program is part of our seasonal arts programming which provides our visitors the opportunity to discover the world around them in new and innovative ways. By encouraging families to explore diverse materials, tools, and techniques, we create an environment that stimulates creativity, and allows our visitors express their feelings, thoughts, and ideas through art.

We invite artists - visual artists, musicians, composers, media artists, architects, poets, scientists, dancer/choreographers, writers, builders, naturalists, puppeteers, storytellers, actors, playwrights, etc. - to propose residencies and projects which support and enhance our 2014-2015 arts program. As outlined below, our arts program is based on quarterly themes. We look to the artists to propose how to best engage with these themes, from the type of residency proposed to its duration. Thus, there is no minimum duration for a residency; projects may take place at any time throughout the course of the 3 month theme.

For example, we would welcome a residency that consisted of a one day community festival or the 3-month construction of an on-site work of art. An example of a previous project is Patrick Dougherty's willow sculpture, described in detail online:


The Bay Area Discovery Museum understands that people learn by making connections, experimenting, role-play and imitation. The goal of the seasonal arts programming plan is to bring multiple exhibit spaces into a common frame of reference through art. We create programming that allows visitors to make connections among our museum spaces, the arts, and their larger environments through collaborations with our staff, other visitors, and professional artists. The comprehensive arts programming plan encompasses the Art Studios (Studio 5, Studio 10, The Spotlight on the Arts Program and by extension Art Lab), Drop-In programming delivered daily throughout the Museum floor such as Nature Potions, and our newly created Artist-in-Residence Program. More information on the Art Studios is available online:


There is no minimum duration for a residency. Projects may range from one day to three months.


Artists-in-Residence will be supported by stipends starting at $1,000, the exact size of which will be determined by the cost of project not to exceed $20,000.


  • June 15, 2014: Proposals due for residencies to take place between September-November, 2014 (Theme: Water); final candidates contacted by July 6, 2014; Artist-in-Residence announced by August 3, 2014.
  • September 15, 2014: Proposals due for residencies to take place between December 2014-February, 2015 (Theme: Land); final candidates contacted by October 6, 2014; Artist-in-Residence announced by November 3, 2014.
  • December 15, 2014: Proposals due for residencies to take place between March-May 2015 (Theme: Sky); final candidates contacted by January 6, 2015; Artist-in-Residence announced by February 3, 2015.


  • Staff sends out application packets to the A.I.R. Review Committee.
  • Submissions are reviewed by a committee of knowledgeable arts professionals, patrons, collectors, and Museum staff.
  • The committee meets to discuss artist's proposals and choose finalists.
  • Finalists are invited to have an on-site interview and presentation of their work.
  • Committee meets to determine the final award recipient or recipients (in the case of a group application).


  • All proposals should include a 1 page project description, maximum of 5 proposal images and resume or curriculum vitae (please include a link to an online portfolio or select portfolio images not to exceed 5).
  • Please specify the costs associated with your project.
  • Artists should have experience with or a strong interest in engaging with children ages 0 - 8.
  • Please detail why you are interested in working with the Bay Area Discovery Museum, its site, and community of children, parents, school groups, and early childhood educators.
  • Proposals should include descriptions of how your project or idea will engage directly with our daily visitors and school groups.
  • Proposals selected for further consideration will be asked to submit full portfolios and detailed project budgets.
  • Note that due to the sensitivity and requirements of working with children, artists selected should expect to be cleared of a background/criminal check.

Questions and/or proposals should be directed to with the subject line: Call for Proposal.

Funding for the 2014-2015 Artist-in-Residency has been generously provided by an individual donor to the Museum.

Deadline: 12-15-2014
Bay Area Discovery Museum
Sausalito, CA

Contact: Danni Pascuma
Phone: 516.242.3803

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