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Open call for participation in art fair GZ-BASEL 2015
For International artists


Open call for participation in art fair GZ-BASEL 2015*   30 May - 7 June       Deadline:  10 Febr.     

As the "early bird" of  the art fair programs in Basel during  June, inaugurating just before the openings of the main fairs, we may offer an attractive excuse for visitors coming a few days sooner to Basel and not miss this exceptional conjunction of international contemporary art.

  • Curated by GaleriaZero - contemporary art
  • Location: Haupt, Holbeinstrasse 58, Basel / CH

GZ-BASEL 2015 is an international art fair for artists that will be realized from 30 May to 7 June in the buildings of  HAUPT in Basel.  The event forms part of the art fair program in Basel during June and is not only the first art event that will be inaugurated within this program, but as well the art fair with the longest duration.

A space of  400 sqm situated in the centre of Basel, well communicated and with a kind and quiet surrounding of gardens and private terraces, is the perfect location for visitors to feel at home and to enjoy a unique conjunction of international contemporary art.

In this event you may find basically innovative and experimental contemporary art of a high level and created by artists from different continents. Abstract paintings, artistic photography, mixed media, sculptures, installations, video and performance.

* Actually we are in the process of selecting artists.

Deadline: 02-10-2015
Basel, Switzerland

Contact: Carolus

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