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Survey Without Surveillance
For International artists

Mass surveillance may be as insidious and persistent as white noise, and the current cultural conditions have conspired to lull us into the hum. However, at the core we intuit that being part of any act of observation, whether observing or being observed, somehow changes us. And depending on the nature of the observation, the effects can be profound. The act of survey has the potential for connection building; the act of surveillance that of intrusion. Yet through each process we wonder: Who is framing our information? Who is telling the story? And to what end?

The Nave Annex seeks submissions that contribute to the contemporary aesthetic, conceptual, and social discourses on the topic and will consider work in the following media: sculpture, photography, digital, mixed media, installation and performance.

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Deadline: 05-03-2015
Nave Gallery Annex
Somerville, MA

Contact: Tori Costa
Phone: 617.259.8386

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