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Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! 2015 Action & Porformance Art Festival
For International artists

POW! POW! POW! POW! 2015 ACTION & PERFORMANCE ART FESTIVAL is searching for fresh and original "cutting-edgy" action and performance art for 2015.

If you have body-based work that is risky, outrageous, provocative and/or adventurous we are looking for YOU…it just has to be pinche good!

Are you willing to take more risks in your work? Is there a performance or action art piece you always wanted to do, but couldn’t, because it didn’t fit into your funding organization’s agenda? Have you limited your artistic vision because you thought it might disrupt the status quo? If so, your prayers have been answered! POW! ACTION & PERFORMANCE ART FESTIVAL is offering a free expression space for ANY kind of performance art!

Selected works will be performed over 2 evenings—October 2-3, 2015—at a well-known performance venue (TBA) in San Francisco & Oakland, California.

What POW! is looking for:

  • Performance, Installations, or Action pieces**
  • Artists willing to speak up and talk back and who are not afraid to express themselves freely
  • Low tech or no tech, original, out of the box, risky, outrageous, provocative, adventurous, creative action work based on action and the human body… your imagination is the limit
  • The curatorial criterion is originality not ‘quality’!

**To showcase as much radical art as possible, please propose projects that are 4h for continuous installations and 20' for staged pieces.**

What POW! is NOT looking for:

Anything that looks like conventional theater, dance, choreography, or genre-classifiable music or media work. If this is what you make, there are already hundreds of venues and festivals for these types of projects.

 To Apply

  • Complete the online application at by June 30, 2015.
  • There is a $30 application fee to support the festival’s space rental, publicity, tech needs, concessions, postcard design & printing. The curators do not receive any salary or compensation for organizing this festival – they produce and work on POW! because they believe in artistic freedom.

About POW!

The first POW! mini-performance art festival premiered in spring 2008 and was a huge success, earning significant press and media attention. A year later POW! POW! returned, selling out each night to an audience that had more than tripled. The 2010 version was yet another success featuring 4 nights of global artists, irreverent expression and edgy experimentation. After a brief hiatus quadruple POW! promises to be beyond provocative and above all expectations.

 POW! POW! POW! POW! 2015 ACTION & PERFORMANCE ART FESTIVAL will be curated by gal*in dog, Tina Takemoto & Laura Poppiti. 

For questions please contact or visit

Deadline: 06-30-2015
Bay Area

Contact: POW Curators

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