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For International artists

HackCycle celebrates recycled art of the 21st century. We invite submissions from  artists, nerds, makers, burners and others who employ experimentation and serendipity using today’s technological debris and/or innovative techniques as part of their creative process.

The exhibition examines the transformation of bits, bytes, cruft, e-waste, circuits, doodads, odds & ends and more into objects of art. Work may (but is not limited to) demonstrate the use of 3D printing, laser cutters and/or CNC bots in combination with found art, assemblage and/or appropriation.

Entries sought may (but are not limited to) include unique and re-imagined re-uses of the following elements:

  • robotics
  • electronics
  • sci fi
  • cosplay
  • anime, action figure toys & fun childhood memories

Deadline: 05-25-2015
Nave Gallery
Somerville, MA

Contact: Tori Costa
Phone: 617.259.8386

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