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Artist in Residence Program
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The Autumn Program of the Artists Residency will be hosted at The Lily Pad in Kumarakom, Kerela from 26th October to 8th November, 2015.

Kerela has been bestowed with the title of God’s own country. The climate, the flora and fauna, the surroundings and the inhabitants are rooted in a deeper understanding of nature. It feels as if there is a constant quest going on to prevent modernization from taking over this land and its beauty. That’s the reason we chose Kerala to host our Art residency as art is best nurtured in a space rooted in nature!

Our search led us to this sleepy little village called Kumarakom, situated 13 Kms away from Kottayam on Vembanad lake in Kerala. Kumarakom offers nature’s bounty in terms of flora, exotic sightseeing, boating and fishing experience. The Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary spread across 14 acres is safe home for many migratory birds like Siberian stork, wild duck etc. This land stocked with mangrove forests, paddy fields and coconut trees with water canals running alongside offers a truly rustic slice of life experience!The Lily Pad is situated right besides the lake Vembanad, everything about Lily Pad spells serenity and peace. Designed by an ace in architecture Gautam Bhatia, the place has been designed to bring together the best of the old world charm and modern facilities. The outdoor pool, the Vembanad lake by the side and the backwaters, Lily Pad offers you the options to be with a water-body of your liking.

Deadline: 07-15-2015
Carpe diem Residency
Kerela, India

Contact: Triparna Banerjee

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