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Battlewear for the Everyday Womyn
For Los Angeles artists

It's a battle out there whether we acknowledge it or not!  Walking down the street. Driving to work. Biking to school. Waiting in line at the market. Just leaving your house...Life is a battle to be safe in a society that upholds patriarchy and institutionalized sexism, teaching young people that womyn are objects.

Battlewear for the Everyday Womyn is a show about how to survive living life as womyn in our world (in America specifically -- thats our experience). How you can prepare yourself for the harsh and unsafe outside; whether you wear protective clothing, carry pepper spray walking home alone at night or sharpen your fingernails for a fight. You are welcome to walk the spectrum in your approach on this topic, whether it be functional, realistic, or totally absurd! 

We are curating a ONE NIGHT SHOWING for this June 28th 2015 at Persphace Gallery in Los Angeles and all artists//art forms are encouraged to apply.** Be it visual victories, audio sensations, sculptural strongholds, performances, musical shields, and onward!

Please submit to me ASAP or come on down to the show at the end of the month!

Thanks a ton!!


**I'd prefer artists to drop off their work in person at my house in LA or at the space on June 28th, although some mail-in's will be accepted on a first-come basis.

Deadline: 06-27-2015
Los Angeles

Contact: Jesse Marie

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