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“Giving and Benevolence”, Iranian arts now, second Annual international exhibition; Submission Deadline: September 5th, 2015; More info & Art Submissions:

For 2015, we are asking artists to submit artwork around the theme of “Giving and Benevolence” and we are going to showcase the digital representation of the selected artworks at the Neekon Festival at the Golden Gate Park and De Young Museum of Art in San Francisco, USA, on September 26, 2015 (no display of the physical artwork). We will also showcase the works online from September 26 – December 29, 2015 on our website. This is a very unique opportunity for all artists around the world to participate and become part of one of the biggest digital exhibition of contemporary Iranian art in the world.

Iranian artists from around the world, artists with Iranian descend, and all other artists whose art is inspired by Iranian art and culture are invited to participate. We are seeking artwork that expresses the theme and a commitment to furthering understanding of Iranian art and cultural dialogue. We are open to see different interpretations of the theme from artists, whether they express the “Giving and Benevolence” on the personal, economical, and social levels or on the spiritual, sacred, and psychological levels.

Deadline: 09-05-2015
Ziya Art Center
Berkeley, CA

Contact: Ziya Art
Phone: 510.283.4518

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