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The Valley Unseen
For Napa/Sonoma artists

The spirit of Napa Valley is a fluid amalgamation of influences: agriculture overlaps with art of wine-making, wine-making overlaps with culinary art, culinary art overlaps with dance, music, sculpture, photography and beyond. Every reciprocal element is an essential component of the Napa Valley experience. 

Today, influences from vintner culture, wine industry, culinary and arts flow in all directions to create a fertile creative environment, producing resonant and profound artistic output. The Valley Unseen, presented by Yountville Art Commission is a celebration of all aspects of the Napa Valley experience. Artists are encouraged to create work from unconventional perspectives or employing special creative process. The exhibition encompasses all art mediums. Subjects range from the less known aspects of Napa life to familiar subject-matter but examined with distinct viewpoint and clarity. The Valley Unseen provides an unique experience and dialogue surrounding the overlapping Napa identities and the ways in which they inspire one another.

Deadline: 08-15-2015
The Gallery at Yountville Community Center
Yountville, CA

Contact: Vincent Xeus

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