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Bad Places_Open Call
For International artists

Bad Places by Latent Spaces

For its next wearable art exhibition, Art-A-Porter is collaborating with Singaporean curator Chun Kai Qun from Latent Spaces. We invite artists to submit works of art related to the following theme:

’Dystopia’ is often translated or understood as ‘a bad place’. We are familiar with tropes of dystopia in fiction and film.A dark ravine, muddled territory, violence turned a blind eye to, blind obedience ensured by fear, forgotten spaces,the body as dispensable, mechanical lives. We understand these imaginary bad places, we know them also to be real, evocative of real-life situations, of aggressions carefully hidden away on the other side of the door. The liminal threshold between fiction and life is as fickle and papery as the turning of the pages.

Where is the dark ravine? Do we collectively dream of it then fear it? Does it already by default linger within quiet crevices of the mind, behind mottled black eyes? What are bad places? A faulty space? A cursed locality? The conditions of a bad place - how we judge a bad place - ranges from the capitalistic to the emotional. An abandoned warehouse speaks of a dead business, a bad place of aborted ventures. The haunted apartment lined with the ghosts of its previous tenants is an ill-fated bad place.
We run from bad places, from trauma sites of irreconcilable memories or past mistakes. Sometimes, bad places pertain to a specific geography. Other times, we carry these bad places with us, an amorphous presence that lingers a little too closely. It shadows us, inhibiting and informing us, arming us with the knowledge of who we were before and of who we are now.

Perhaps, some bad places are not bad so much as they are misjudged and narrowly understood. A bad place could be an idle place, with hidden potential and the possibility to take on a different existence. A haunted apartment may appear a difficult property to liquidate but in a time of scarce land and resources, even a bad place can be capitalized on. With enough time, we may even shed the bad places from our skin.

In this collaboration between Art-A-Porter and LATENT SPACES, we are interested to explore the materiality of clothes, of how they carry our bodies and our experiences of life. In some ways, they mark us, and in other ways, we mark them.

Artists are invited to explore the temporality and idea of “bad places”. The adaptation of the artworks by AAP’s creative team onto the clothing canvasses aim to pursue this quest of the “bad places” reflecting it onto clothes and by extension, in ourselves.


This call is open to all visual art professionals including but not limited to: visual artists, illustrators, writers, graphic designers, etc.


All applications much be made at the following address: To ensure an easy application process, here are the information you will be required to submit:

  • _ Creation of an AAP account
  • _ Short biography (100 words maximum)
  • _ A maximum of 10 images ( titled properly*)
  • _ Link to your website or blog
  • _ Contact information including an official and functioning email
*ATTENTION : To ensure that your artworks are associated to the current open call from Latent Spaces, please insert _LS at the end of your artwork title. Eg. Untitled 01_LS


Only selected artist will be notified by email. Please beware that, upon selection, we will request high resolution documentation of artworks (TIFF or RAW files mandatory). AAP will require exclusive rights on the selected artworks for reproduction on clothing and
fashion accessories. For more information, see to the terms and conditions section of AAP’s website.

For any other inquiry reach us via email

Deadline: 10-02-2015
Art-A-Porter + Latent Spaces
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Contact: Priscilla
Phone: 1.855.311.8456

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