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From Where I Stand
For International artists

uBe Art, in Berkeley, CA, is excited to invite artists of all medium to submit work that represents your unique point of view.

We are opening our doors to artists worldwide—eager to learn what artists in all regions of the world are creating, and share your perspective with the Bay Area. 

Whether it is your physical surrounding, your culture, your internal landscape, where you stand is profoundly unique. We want to see how these diverse influences are reflected in art across the globe—from small towns to transient cities. 

Located in a busy cluster of shops and restaurants, and established open studio spaces—uBe Gallery offers great exposure.

Unlike traditional galleries, uBe Art will take only 40% commission on sales. 

Come on world . . . show us the view From Where You Stand!

Our mixed genre format and diverse jury panel of working artists like Ray Beldner, Artist and Co-Founder of stARTup Art Fair, create a genuine opportunity for all artists who enter to be invited for exhibition. Finalists will be invited to display selected works in a month long exhibition. Top selling artists will have the opportunity to remain on exhibition thru the holiday season!

EXHIBITION – uBe Art’s jury panel will choose individual pieces based on technical application, originality and concept. Our panel or professional working artists, gallery curators advertising agents, and editors are a diverse representation of all mediums.

Artwork selected for this show will be on display in a five-week exhibition at uBe Art in Berkeley, California—located just 12 miles east of San Francisco. The gallery is a beautiful, light filled space with 25 ft ceilings attracting artists, visitors and collectors from around the Bay Area.

CRITERIA - Accepted mediums: painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography and digital art. Simply put, all genres are welcome! All artwork must be ready to hang; loose prints must be in plastic sleeves—no exceptions. Artwork must not exceed 50” on any side. Please be aware of artwork size, we do not want to eliminate entries solely based on exceeding dimension limits.

ENTRIES - $25 entry fee

Deadline: 10-15-2015
uBe Art
Berkeley, CA

Contact: Winn Taylor

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