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Participate in a Growing Compassionate Thanksgiving Tradition
For International artists

Participate in a Growing Compassionate Thanksgiving Tradition

The 46 Million Turkeys project, now in its third year, is an ambitious ongoing collaborative art project. The project’s aim—with help from the community—is to create turkey portraits in remembrance of each one of the estimated 46 million turkeys who will be killed for Thanksgiving meals. 

Participants are encouraged to use recycled materials (but no animal products, e.g. feathers or leather please) and create portraits measuring 2” x 2” in any medium. 

This November, all submissions will be on exhibit at the Fireseed Arts, 2 Watson Place Bldg.7 in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Fireseed Arts is a creative enterprise founded as an incubator for profitable, sustainable, environmental art projects and businesses. 

For guidelines, ideas, and submission form:

Deadline: 11-21-2015
Fireseed Arts
Framingham, MA

Contact: Cheryl Miller

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