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Mexican Textiles Instructional Artist Residency 2016 - Arquetopia - Oaxaca, Southern Mexico
For International artists
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Duration: 3 weeks in 2016, extendable

Eligibility: Emerging or mid-career artists; minimum age 25

The Mexican Textiles Instructional Artist Residency includes 3 weeks of master instruction in Mexican textiles. Residents learn how to weave using the traditional back-strap loom, how to assemble it, and basic weaving techniques, OR they learn Mexican embroidery techniques, for which we offer instruction in the following: cross stitching, chain stitching, shading and pepenado hilván. Artists wishing to do both weaving and embroidery may apply for two consecutive residencies totaling 6 weeks.

USD $730 per week for 3 weeks, extendable up to 12 weeks as a self-directed Art Production Residency at USD $595 per week. Includes accommodation, meals and open access to the kitchen, housekeeping, studio space with basic materials, supplies and tools for the course.

Deadline: 11-15-2015
Arquetopia Oaxaca International Artist Residency
Oaxaca, Mexico

Contact: Christopher Davis, Co-Executive Director
Phone: +52.222.594.7728

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