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Foreign Language Magic Word Mother Tongue
For International artists

foreign language magic word mother tongue 


We are currently seeking visual, performing and literary artists creating work about language. We are especially interested in supporting bilingual or poly-lingual youth artists who may use our exhibition as a platform for their creative endeavors. 

We are envisioning a series of public events to take place over the course of our 6 week exhibition that will feature afternoons or evenings of poly-lingual, multi-generational performances. Artists working in all media including spoken word performance, video, screen play, media poetry, are invited to apply, collaborations encouraged. 

  • What does it feel like to have two communities, each speaking a separate language, coming together in your heart?
  • What does it feel like to lose your mother tongue?
  • What would you say/do/make about language, with a stage, a microphone and an audience in San Francisco?

DEADLINE TO APPLY: Monday, November 30th, 2015.

For more information please contact

To apply send us a 300 word proposal and 3 work samples to 

More information available here.

Proposal should include the form of your artwork (is it a play, a poetry reading, a screening or a performance), duration of your project, names of collaborators (if applicable), how it relates to language and what it means to you and your community to be able to share your work in a public forum.

Work samples may include links to images, audio and or video as well as jpeg, png, word docs or PDFs not exceeding 10 MB. Please include a work sample description for each submitted work. Existing work or proposals for new work will be considered.

Deadline: 11-30-2015
San Francisco

Contact: Sasha Petrenko
Phone: 510.525.9469

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