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Heisler Park Scenic Overlook and Bench Competition
For California artists

Heisler Park is located in the 200 – 500 blocks of Cliff Drive in Laguna Beach. The park is an approximately ½ mile long coastal strip atop ocean bluffs. The 18.5 acre park includes beach access, walking paths, lawns, gardens and picnic areas. There are numerous ocean view benches, public art installations, a lawn bowling area, restrooms and gazebo. A marine preserve, off shore from the park, offers extensive diving and tide pools to observe marine life.

  • The proposed project must be constructed of durable materials that will be easy to maintain in an ocean environment.
  • The scope of the project includes the design and landscaping of the entire scenic overlook area.
  • The seating portion of the project must accommodate 4 to 6 people.
  • Have surfaces that are comfortable and safe to sit on in the hot sun. No shade component is requested.
  • May include multiple heights for seating with some or all backrests, not to exceed 4’ in height.
  • Be securely installed but may also be easily moved at a later date.
  • Artist must guarantee the construction and installation of the art work for five years.
  • Wooden elements are discouraged. 
  • The art work must be created by the artist.




Deadline: 01-16-2016
City of Laguna Beach
Laguna Beach, CA

Contact: Sian Poeschl

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