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One Voice, One World, One Art
For National artists

The Art Of Monteque is constantly involved in helping with the development  art projects. The Art Of Monteque Art Projects are programs that are designed by The Art Of Monteque for artisans to participate in. Such as performance pieces, showing, and art projects. There are many different projects The Art Of Monteque is working on during the year. It is our goal to bring to the community these projects celebrating our collaboration with  wonderful artisans. 

The Art Of Monteque Art Projects would like to present The Unity Book Project

One Voice, One World, One Art

The Unity Book Project is a project with the aim to express the feeling of unity thought the eyes and works of artisans.

What does one voice, one world, one art mean to you. How would you celebrate life? What does unity really mean to you.

We are asking artisans to express what it means to them whether in a poem, a story, a drawing, a photograph, music or a painting.

We will compile the works into a book. Which will be sold at an multimedia performance event. The proceeds of the sale of the book will be split among participating artisans. The Unity Book Project is one of The Art Of Monteque Art Projects.

To  submit to the Unity Book Project please include the following in your submission:

  • Artist Statement
  • A Brief Biography
  • Why you would like to be a part of the Unity Book Project
  • Four samples of your work poetry, short stories, music, paintings, illustrations, drawings, photographs or  sculpture. If submitting samples of images of paintings, illustrations, drawings sketches, photographs or sculpture; please make sure they are submitted in JPEG format.

There is  a $45 submission fee  to submit to the Unity Book Project. Please submit your submission at

The Art of Monteque Website:

 Submissions Guidelines:

Unity Book Project:

Deadline: 02-27-2017
The Art Of Monteque
Los Angeles, CA

Contact: Monteque Pope-Le Beau
Phone: 415.505.1678

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