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Call for Photographers: Secrets & Mysteries
For International artists

Secrets & Mysteries is this month's theme curated by Susan Swihart.

When an image hints at its meaning, but is somehow obscured, it creates mystery. We then must look longer and deeper, searching for clues. Maybe the story in the picture is so personal to the artist, that the viewer will never know what's hidden. Still, the image is powerful, mysterious and beautiful. What is hidden? What is unknown? Share your secrets with us.

L.A Photo Curator tells the stories from the photographers side of the lens. Our curated international online competitions include reviews of winning photographs by our curators and Q & A which allows the public to get a more intimate understanding of what goes into the photograph making a great P.R. vehicle for the photographer. A percentage of artist fees goes to the curator’s chosen charity as well as the first place winners chosen charity.

Deadline: 03-06-2016
L.A. Photo Curator
Los Angeles, CA

Contact: Laurie Freitag

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