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ARTundressed... Creative Nude Art Exhibition
For International artists

The ARTundressed International Art Exhibition is now opened to artists from any part of the world.  There is no particular "Theme" associated with the show since our focus is purely about "Creative Nude Art".  Therefore, artists who are submitting their artworks for consideration into the exhibition should make sure that their work exert ALL four elements of the ARTundressed artistic C.O.D.E., an acronym for Creativity + Originality + Design (Depth) + Eroticism...  The jurors and curators will evaluate each individual submission based on the combination of all these elements and how they are infused together to communicate the singularity, sensuality, creativity, and thought-provoking aspects of the artwork.

All submissions must be made online (No Mail-in accepted). All selected artists will be contacted with the final selection within a week after the Submission Deadline: March 31, 2016. The requirements are as follows:

ARTIST PROFILE: Each individual artist is allowed to create only one profile / account to submit their work in the Exhibition; regardless of whether that artist has multiple businesses or entities using different names, aliases or pseudonyms. A violation of this term will result in disqualification.


  • PAID SUBMISSIONS: A Non-refundable flat fee of $40 (for up to 5 entries) for entries in the Categories of: Fine Art  |  Photography  | Digital Art  |  Sculpture*  |  Mixed Media
  • FREE SUBMISSIONS: There is NO entries fee for the following categories:
    Art Installation  |  Interactive Art Presentation  |  Artistic Short Film and Videos  |  Literary Art (Poetry, Short Story, etc...)

NUMBER OF SUBMISSIONS ALLOWED: Each artist is allowed to submit up to 5 entries for consideration, with a possibility of 0 - 5 submission(s) to be selected by the jurors/curators of the art exhibition.

Deadline: 04-08-2016
ES Art Group
Miami, FL

Contact: Olivia Delaney

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