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International Creator Residency Program 2017
For International artists

Tokyo Wonder Site (TWS) launched its residency programs in 2006, cooperating with art centers and cultural institutions all over the world. In October, 2014, TWS relocated its residence facilities to the Sumida Area, and re-opened as TWS Residency. Young emerging, middle standing, and international leading creators gather there to explore creative activities in Tokyo. We intend to strengthen the network of creators from Asia.

This open-call program ‘International Creator Residency Program’ is for established and productive international creators in the field of visual art, architecture, design, curation and administration. We provide financial support to allow participants approximately three-month work in residency participating TWS art programs. Through this program, creators will expand their activities in Japan, and gain a jumping board to the international art scene.

Now we are calling for “International Creator Residency Program”, aimed at international creators/curators/ administrators who are willing to perform new creative activities during their programs at TWS Residency.

Application Deadline

  • June 30, 2016


This program is aimed at those creators

  • who are willing to explore new creative activities
  • who practice in any of the following cultural/ artistic fields: visual art, architecture, design, curation and administration.


  • Tokyo Wonder Site Residency

Residency Period/ Number of Creators

Residency Period

  • From the beginning of May, 2017 to the end of July, 2017
  • From the beginning of September, 2017 to the end of November, 2017
  • From the beginning of January, 2018 to the end of March, 2018
Number of Creators (tentative)
  • 2 creators for each period/ 6 creators in total are to be selected.

What TWS offers

Self-contained single room, Shared studio, Air ticket fee, Per Diem and Artist fee/ Project fee

  • Air ticket fee: a Round ticket will be provided
  • Living cost (Per Diem): JPY 3,750 (including tax) per day
  • Artist fee / Project fee: JPY 300,000 (including tax)

Application Outline and Application Package

Further Information




Deadline: 06-30-2016
Tokyo Wonder Site Residency

Contact: Tokyo Wonder Site

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