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Oregon Health & Science University is pleased to invite artists to submit an application for a three dimensional work of art to be located at the entry of the Center for Health and Healing South, 3485 SW Bond Avenue, Portland, Oregon. 

1. Project Overview & Guiding Principles 

OHSU is currently constructing the next two phases of the six block OHSU commons in the South Waterfront district. The first building of this phase, Center for Health and Healing South, Block 29, will be a 15 story 390,000 sf surgical, procedural, and clinical building. The exterior sculpture is to be the focal point of the entry and patient drop-off which faces Elizabeth Caruthers Park. 

Guiding Principles: 

  • Provide activity and engagement at the front door, and public face of OHSU’s South Waterfront Campus 
  • Speak to the healing, caring and welcoming environment of the building 
  • Create a sense of discovery, wonder and hope 
  • Create a visual connection to/from Caruthers Park 
  • Provide a public amenity for the community  

2.. Scope of Work/Site Details  

  • The space for the piece is approx. 30’ long x 4’ deep x 8’-12’ tall 
  • It will south facing and be exposed to the elements year round 
  • The piece will be placed on the sidewalk, in the public right of way (see attached drawings) 
  • The piece must be original, durable and safe for public viewing and interaction 
  • The piece can be a single element or a group of elements – to create the scale and presence needed to anchor the space 
  • Power on dedicated circuits for the Art (lighting etc.) will be provided to the base 

3. Eligibility 

This opportunity is open to artists and/or a team of artists based in the US. Consistent with OHSU’s art selection process. The artist must be able complete the artwork to comply with this installation timeline. 

4. Selection Process 

Selection of the art for this process will be made by members of the Marquam Hill Art Committee, as well as, representatives from the Center for Health and Healing South. A select group of artists may be notified and subsequently invited to be interviewed and submit a more detailed proposal including drawings and maquette. A stipend will be available for these finalists. 

5. Selection Criteria 

The Selection Committee will select the successful artist based on: 

  • Artistic strength and quality 
  • Diversity within the OHSU collection 
  • How the work of art integrates with and enhances the space 
  • Artist interest and how the art work relates to the project as described by the project goals 

6. Budget 

The art budget is $75,000 and covers all expenses related to artist fees, materials, and installation of the work. 

7. Schedule 

  • Application Deadline – June 30, 2016 
  • Notification to Artists to be Interviewed – July 31, 2015 
  • Interviews and final selection – September 2016 
  • Contract, Design and Coordination – December thru January 2017 
  • Art Fabrication – February 2017 thru Spring 2018 
  • Art Installation – May 2018 

8. Application Requirements  

  • Brief statement of interest. Explain why this project is important to you and how previous work might address the goals outlined in this project. 
    • Format - PDF 
  • Resume. Outline Professional accomplishments 
    • Format - PDF 
  • Images. Provide up to 8 images of previous work including the following details; title, year produced, dimensions, materials, description and budget. 
    • Format - Images JPG with title; PDF details  

The application is to be submitted electronically in a zip file to Oregon Health & Science University, Presidents Office, Att: Elise Ulmer; 

9. Questions 

Alysia Duckler, OHSU Marquam Hill Art Committee Chair or 

Janine Stanton, OHSU Marquam Hill Art Committee Vice Chair  

Deadline: 06-30-2016
Oregon Health & Science University
Portland, OR

Contact: Alysia Duckler

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