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Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) invites artists to submit an application for a work of art to be located at Knight Cancer Research Building (KCRB), 2720 SW Moody Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97201. This RFQ opportunity is open to professional artists and/or a team of artists based in the United States. 

1. Summary & Guiding Principles 

The Knight Cancer Research Building will be 316,000 square feet comprised of research laboratories, office uses as well as a conference center and retail. At the heart of the growing OHSU Schnitzer Campus, KCRB will face the future OHSU Commons to the east, giving this building a distinct urban presence and an opportunity for views and connection to the Commons, the Greenway, the Willamette River and views beyond. The ground floor of the building is comprised of a main entrance and visible conference center on Moody Avenue and lobby and retail entrance from the walking promenade to the east. Artwork is to be placed in either a double-height interior location or an exterior location at the main entrance. Refer to Submission Guidelines and to Request for Site Plans. 

The Knight Cancer mission is to end cancer as we know it. Through commitment to a team science environment fostering extraordinary patient care, innovative cancer research, high-tech collaborations, and dedication the Knight is delivering hope to cancer patients and their families. The Knight Cancer Research Building is in the center of the Innovation District in Portland, Oregon and will represent a physical beacon of that hope. The guiding principles for the artwork will be to relay that hope to the public, inspire the scientists in their workplace, relate to the Knight Cancer mission, complement the building and activate the space. 

2. Scope of Work/Site Details 

Interior Space 

  • The piece must be original, durable and safe for public viewing and interaction if applicable 
  • The piece can be a single element or a group of elements – to create the scale and presence needed to anchor the space 
  • The space is a ground floor double-height space facing north (nearby locations may be considered) 
  • See #6 to request plans for site details 

Exterior Space 

  • The piece must be original, durable and safe for public viewing and interaction 
  • The piece can be a single element or a group of elements – to create the scale and presence needed to anchor the space 
  • The space faces west and is exposed to the elements year round 
  • See #6 to request plans for site details 

3. Selection Process 

Selection of the art for this process will be made by members of the Marquam Hill Art Committee, as well as, representatives from the Knight Cancer Research Institute and will be consistent with the OHSU criteria selection. The Art Committee will select the artist based on artistic merit of past work, experience with projects of this scale and projects demonstrating collaborative ability and diversity within the OHSU art collection. If a short list of finalists is invited to be interviewed, a stipend will be available. 

4. Budget 

The art budget is $250,000 and covers all expenses inclusive of all infrastructure related to the art piece(s) (electrical, lighting, wall backing, structural bracing, etc.), all artist fees, materials, shop drawing submittals and installation of the work. The monies will be spent on a single location, either the interior or exterior site. 

5. Submission Guidelines 

  • Short statement of interest: Briefly explain why this project is important to you and how your art addresses the goals of the Knight Cancer mission. 
    • Format - PDF 
  • Resume: Outline professional accomplishments. 
    • Format - PDF 
  • Images: Provide up to eight (8) images of previous work including the following details; title, year produced, dimensions, materials, description and budget. 
    • Format - Images JPG with title; PDF details 
  • Artist may submit for either an interior location, or the exterior location or both if the artist can demonstrate experience in both areas. 
  • Artwork will be completed and installed by May 2018. 
  • Application deadline is July 8, 2016 

The application is to be submitted electronically in a zip file to Oregon Health & Science University, Presidents Office, Att: Elise Ulmer; 

6. Questions and Request for Site Plans: (specify site plans; exterior or interior) 

Alysia Duckler, OHSU Marquam Hill Art Committee Chair or 

Janine Stanton, OHSU Marquam Hill Art Committee Vice Chair  

Deadline: 07-08-2016
Oregon Health & Science University
Portland, OR

Contact: Alysia Duckler

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