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Thrown & Altered - Call for Ceramic Art
For National artists

National juried exhibition of thrown and altered ceramics

Juried by Shoji Satake

Submission Deadline: March 12

Exhibition Dates: April 21 - May 27, 2017

Submission Fee: $25

Since the 1950’s ceramic artists have been intentionally manipulating thrown work for reasons beyond the utility of adding a handle or pinching a spout. As mass production overwhelmed craft, the tradition of thrown functional pottery found new purpose in a conceptualized aesthetic approach to object making. Contemporary ceramicists now work with a built in tradition that includes an acute awareness of their material’s essence and potential. Through the practice of throwing then altering their work, artists continue to develop both formal aspects of the tradition, as well as further investigate experimental possibilities.

Deadline: 03-12-2017
Sweetwater Center for the Arts
Sewickley, PA

Contact: Alex Watrous
Phone: 412.741.4405

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