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Oak Knoll Rifle Range Creek Bridge
For SF Bay Area artists


Project title: Oak Knoll Rifle Range Creek Bridge

Budget: $150,000

Commissioning agent: SunCal, master developer of the Oak Knoll community

Location: Oakland, California

Eligibility: Artist or team of artists residing in the nine Bay Area counties surrounding Oakland, CA.  See Eligibility, page 4.

Submittal deadline (online application only): March 3, 2017

Installation deadline: Second quarter of 2018


A 120-foot-long corten steel, gusset-truss vehicle and pedestrian bridge, anchored by 30-foot-long stone-clad abutments, will span the Rifle Range Creek. Located at the intersection of Creekside Parkway and Creekside Loop, the bridge serves as the primary access to a majority of the Oak Knoll housing.  It will be viewed by pedestrians hiking a 10-foot-wide trail along the Creekside Parkway, motorists entering the residential neighborhoods, and residents and visitors walking across the bridge, as well as visitors to an adjacent community center. 


SunCal is seeking an artist or a team of artists who will create permanent art that is integrated into the bridge design. Art opportunities may include, but are not limited to, designs that take advantage of the pedestrian railing, designs utilizing the bridge structural components as points of attachment, and designs positioned on the abutments between the stone-clad piers. The art must exhibit strengths from a variety of perspectives and be sensitive to the natural setting.  Artists will work with SunCal architects and engineers to successfully integrate the installation. Artists will be responsible for the structural integrity of their design; however, they will not be responsible for the integrity of the bridge structural components.  Materials selected must be appropriate for a high-use environment, weather resistant and low maintenance.


Online applications only.  Oak Knoll Retail Village Plaza.

Deadline: 03-03-2017
Oakland, CA

Contact: Philip Dow
Phone: 510.427.4496

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