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Collaborative Art Project
For SF Bay Area artists

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"An artist is always alone - if he is an artist. No, what the artist needs is loneliness." Henry Miller's words - which many today might easily agree with - highlight that there is a need to reshape how we think about the production and consumption of art. For quite a while, Miller's idea of the isolated artist has been hegemonic. In this view, art making is a "genius" -- a channeling of some greater divine spirit or idea. But this false understanding of artistic creation removes agency and mobility; in fact, it makes it seem as though individuals have no control over the process and instead are merely vessels through which a greater idea is transformed. This false understanding is the problem. How can an artist understand his context, his audience, in isolation? An artist needs community in order to truly do his job.

This problem is compounded by another popular idea: that art is often extremely expensive to produce, and even more costly to consume. Our museum and gallery systems say that art is a luxury reserved for only the most privileged and informed. You can't afford it - and if you could, you wouldn't be able to understand it. We disagree.

By encouraging emerging artists through collaborative art making to produce and sell affordable fine art, Collaborative Art Project will cultivate an audience of unlikely young collectors who realize that art is a thriving part of culture that functions much differently now than ever before.

At Makeshift Society, I will host a series of inquiry-based collaborative art making sessions focused on visually testing various assumptions about the production and consumption of art. Over the course of the workshops, the group will host an open Salon-style discussion group on various topics like: art and exclusivity; artist's intention; and, inspiration and influence. Here, will will invite the community to weigh in on these issues to better inform our work. Then, as a culminating exhibition, Collaborative Art Project and Makeshift Society will host a no-minimum silent auction to allow an emerging audience of young collectors to accessibly buy art. All proceeds go directly to the artist.

Final Exhibition and No-Minimum Art Auction
September 26
Makeshift Society

Panel Discussion: Collaborative Art Making
August 27
Makeshift Society
Inquiry Topics

  • Is art inclusive or exclusive?
  • Does artist intention really matter?
  • How does inspiration influence art?

For more about Michael Bell visit www.michaelrossbell.com

Deadline: 07-15-2013
Makeshift Society
San Francisco, CA

Contact: Michael Bell
email: michaelrossbell@gmail.com
Website: goo.gl/f38DK

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