California Arts Council

State of California

Economic Impact

The 2013 Otis Statewide Creative Economy Report

Released February 6, 2014, this report measures, benchmarks, and assesses trends of the creative economy across the state.

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  • 1 in 10 jobs in California are part of the creative industries.
  • Creative industries account for 7.8% of California’s GDP.
  • The creative industries of California generated $273.5 billion in total (direct, indirect, and induced) output.
  • They employed 1.4 million workers who earned $99.3 billion in labor income.
  • The direct, indirect and induced workers paid nearly $13.0 billion in property taxes, personal income and sales taxes into the state general fund and to local governments.
  • Artistic services and intellectual capital are inarguably essential to the 21st century economy, which is dynamic, knowledge-based, and increasingly global.
  • California is arguably home to one of the highest concentrations of creative individuals in the world.



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