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California is known worldwide for its fabulous arts and culture-related festivals-hundreds of them! Whether you're an international traveler in the Golden State or a local looking for something cool to do on a weekend afternoon, these sortable California Arts Festivals pages are a great way to find the best in music, visual arts, performing arts, film, literary, food, historical, ethnic and community cultural festivals.
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For these California Arts Council web pages, "Arts Festivals" are events that feature multiple artists and/or multiple organizations; recur on a monthly, annual or biannual basis; and celebrate the arts and culture in our state - music, theater, dance, literature, visual arts, film, history, food, fairs, spoken word, storytelling, ethnic-specific celebrations, and other cultural festivities.

An "Arts Festival" may be organized by one or more organization(s), state or local government(s) and/or individual(s). Multiple events sponsored by one entity (such as a performing arts presenter's season of offerings) or festivals featuring only one organization are not included in this listing. All festivals must have at least some element of arts programming to be considered for inclusion in these pages. The California Arts Council reserves the right to not post a festival submission.

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In early 2011, the California Arts Council launched a mobile website for the Festivals database which enables travelers to access basic information on specific festivals as they travel through the state. The value of the mobile websites and applications that the State of California has developed for a number of agencies and departments has enabled California to win "Top Government Website Award" by, which judged all 50 state governments' websites.



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Through the years, the public constantly had been asking the California Arts Council if it had a "list of arts and cultural festivals in the state." The volume of those calls made us realize the need for this type of information to be available in a handy form for the public. Please note that the site is ever changing as we receive additional festival listings. Consider listing your festival or offer corrections to your listing if it is already on the site. In addition, please email your suggestions on the database or .