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Investments in Youth Development, Literacy, and Community Service
Comcast Foundation

Since 1999, the Comcast Foundation has contributed more than $145 million to help strengthen the communities we serve. The Foundation invests in programs and nonprofits that address our priorities: expanding digital literacy, promoting community service and building tomorrow's leaders. By concentrating investment in the areas of digital literacy, community service and building tomorrow's leaders, the Comcast Foundation strives to empower communities nationwide.

Comcast and the Comcast Foundation do not accept unsolicited sponsorship requests or grant proposals. If your organization is interested in sending Comcast information, please verify that you operate within a Comcast service area and use the local address for all related correspondence.

(Editor's note: Comcast does have funding available, but nonprofit arts administrators need to outreach to local Comcast offices and build a relationship. A listing of Comcast offices in California can be found on the Comcast website.)

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Deadline: 12-31-2014

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