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Surdna Foundation Accepting Letters of Inquiry for Youth Artistic and Cultural Programs
Surdna Foundation

The Surdna Foundation seeks to foster sustainable communities in the United States - communities guided by principles of social justice and distinguished by healthy environments, strong local economies and thriving cultures. We seek to dismantle the structural barriers that limit opportunity for many, helping to create communities that are prosperous, culturally enriching, and sustainable.Overall, we seek organizations that have a proven and longstanding commitment to serving teens and that emphasize skill building.

We seek funding opportunities that:

Provide high quality arts training that integrate life skills. These skills include: written and oral communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, and leadership development;
Encourage teens to connect to their cultural identity through art-making;
Provide young people with a well-developed, sequential curriculum that meets the increasing skills of participants;
Foster strong mentoring opportunities for artists with teens;
Employ accomplished faculty and guest artists who engage teens in art forms that reflect their cultural interests and community;
Use research and evaluation tools to track the progress of teens' success over time;
Share best practices in regards to training and evaluation in order to strengthen the field of youth arts training.
We give preference to organizations that:
Embrace artistic and design excellence;
Find innovative ways to use arts and culture to make communities more just and sustainable;
Prioritize the needs of low-income communities and people of color in their work;
Maintain sound financial practices and management; and
Demonstrate a capacity and willingness to share best practices and knowledge with their colleagues and others in the field.

We do not fund:
In-school arts programs, including elementary or middle-school programs;
Projects that enhance in-school arts training (e.g. guest artists, professional development for arts faculty);
Specialized public arts high schools, arts-focused charter schools or community music schools;
One-time projects;
Organizations that solely provide arts-integrated learning (e.g. arts as a pedagogy for teaching other academic subjects or as a mode for health and social services delivery).

Capital projects or campaigns, endowments, building construction, academic fellowships, or projects that are internationally based or focused.


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Deadline: 12-31-2014

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