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Terra Foundation for American Art

In recognition of the importance of experiencing original works of art, the Terra Foundation for American Art supports exhibitions that enlarge the understanding and appreciation of historical American art made between 1500 and 1980. To be eligible for funding, exhibitions that take place internationally or in Chicago may be aimed at the general public, scholars, or both; exhibitions that take place only in the United States, but outside of Chicago, must present historical American art in an international context and reach a scholarly audience.

The foundation has a particular interest in exhibitions that add an international dimension to the study or presentation of historical American art or take place in Chicago, the location of the foundation's headquarters. "International dimensions" vary by project, but include a venue outside the United States; a focused thesis that makes a significant contribution to scholarship on historical American art in an international context; and an international curatorial team. Exhibition proposals will be reviewed by an outside panel of scholars and curators who are specialists in historical American art.

As the foundation prefers to fund full tours, we will only accept one proposal per exhibition. The proposal must come from the organizing institution(s), unless there is a Chicago venue, in which case see the "Chicago" section below.


Letters of inquiry are due on March 2, 2015. If the foundation responds to a letter of inquiry by requesting a proposal, the organization applying for a grant will be expected to complete an application by May 8, 2015. Download the Exhibition Program Grants application.


The foundation only accepts proposals from institutions with United States 501(c)(3) status or the international equivalent. Grants are not made to individuals.

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Deadline: 03-02-2015

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