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UCIRA Open Classroom Grants
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Every year UCIRA poses a systemwide 5K challenge: What could you (and your students) do with $5,000? Up to four grants are awarded each year to facilitate projects that engage creatively with real world issues in the classroom and expand and transform the teaching/learning environment. Of particular interest are projects that do some of the following: • Design, test, and implement innovative curricular initiatives. • Recognize critical thinking as the source and opening of the art work and not merely the place of a post-mortem evaluation, appreciation, or interpretation of the completed work. • Promote models of collaborative interdisciplinary arts practice capable of working in and on real-world settings outside conventional studio, gallery, and performance contexts.

Eligibility Update: You may only apply for ONE UCIRA grant in the Nov 1st deadline cycle. Committees will not vote on applications submitted in multiple categories.

General Eligibility: Applicants must be UC faculty, staff or students whose research and teaching interests include visual art, digital media, music, dance, drama or film and video. Projects generated by students, staff and part-time faculty must have a full-advisor.

Sample project: Situated Social Architectures, a social design course taught by Derek Lomas (UCSD), sponsored by Sixth College and the Social Movement Laboratory. How does the design of an architectural space affect social dynamics? Can art stimulate social engagement and social movement? In this project-oriented course, students planned, produced and documented campus-based architectural interventions designed to induce observable social change. Grounded in literature drawing from art, architecture, cognitive science, sociology, and urban planning, the course was also taught in conjunction with Brett Stalbaum’s advanced computer programming in the arts course that produced a location-aware mobile phone application linked to the public projects.

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Deadline: 11-01-2014

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