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Silicon Valley Donors Circle Issues RFP for Visual, Media, Literary Arts
Donor Circle for the Arts

The Donor Circle for the Arts, a component fund of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, has awarded more than $441,000 to emerging arts organizations in the Silicon Valley region since its inception in 2008. Its mission is to support emerging artists working with underserved populations and expand arts opportunities for the diverse cultural communities of the region.

To advance that mission, the Donor Circle has issued a Request for Proposals for projects in the visual, media, and literary arts.

To be eligible, applicants must be nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations or individual artists with nonprofit fiscal sponsors; be based in Santa Clara or San Mateo counties; and have an annual budget of $1 million or less. In addition, the organization’s mission must be to serve an underserved population in a manner more substantive than simply donating tickets. If the organization’s main mission does not serve an underserved population, then the grant for which it applies must be designated for a specific project that does. Funding may be used for projects and/or general support.

Applications must be received one month prior to the Donor Circle's scheduled meetings, each of which will consider a separate artistic category. The meeting schedule is February 9, 2016, for visual arts (Application deadline: January 9, 2016); April 5, 2016, for media arts (Application deadline: March 5, 2016); and November 8, 2016, for literary arts (Application deadline: October 8, 2016).

Visit the Donor Circle for the Arts website for the full RFP and to download application instructions. Please email questions to Tobi Becerra at

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Deadline: 10-08-2016

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