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Academy Administrator
Cashion Cultural Legacy

San Jose, CA

Title:  Academy Administrator (for Los Lupeños Academy)

Reports to:  Board of Directors

Supervised by:  Managing Director, collaborates with Artistic Director

Responsible for (Positions of direct reports):  Academy Instructors, Assistants, & Volunteers

Type:  part-time permanent (mostly evening)

Number of Hours per Week:  10 (50 weeks per year)

Location:  San José, California (at least 50% of work will take place at the Mexican Heritage Plaza)

Job Summary

The Academy Administrator oversees the details of a growing folklórico dance curriculum in Los Lupeños Academy, a program of the non-profit Cashion Cultural Legacy (CCL), in collaboration with the School of Arts and Culture @MHP (SOAC).  Los Lupeños Academy is an important entity within the CCL as it supports our Mission Statement:  Sustain the preservation, presentation, and education of Mexican folk culture through dance.

The Academy Administrator role bridges the administrative (provided by our partners at the SOAC) with the artistic (adherence to traditional Mexican folk dance and its supporting dance genres).  The Academy Administrator reports to the CCL Board of Directors, but is supervised by the Managing Director, while collaborating and communicating with the Academy Director and Artistic Director.

Principal Duties and Expectations

  • Plans, publishes, and manages dance class schedule, currently in 4 sessions (summer, fall, winter, spring) in conjunction with CCL Board Academy Committee and our partner (SOAC)
  • Supports, and when needed recruits, instructors capable of quality traditional folklórico instruction
  • Works with instructors and the Artistic Director to ensure dance selections are appropriate for age & level
  • Coordinates instructor training opportunities (for professional development)
  • Works with instructors to recommend student promotion from class to class
  • Monitors class instruction by dropping in and observing classes at least one per session
  • Develops a system of communication that includes interface with parents and students for non-registration inquiries, suggestions, feedback, etc.
  • Contributes to social media informational postings for faculty, students, & parents
  • Organizes parent volunteers to help with different projects throughout the year as needed
  • Manages Academy costume & accessory collection and its use for recitals and special events
  • Collaborates in the planning and fully coordinates end-of-session recital events
  • Meets (or Skypes) weekly with the Managing Director and communicates with the Academy Director as needed
  • Prepares a brief written Board report highlighting accomplishments, etc. every month
  • Attends CCL Board meetings whenever possible
  • Participates in monthly Academy meetings alongside Managing Director and SOAC personnel


  • Real-life experience teaching and/or managing dance or athletic programs.
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills.
  • Bilingual English/Spanish written and verbal skills.
  • Well-organized with good attention to detail, punctuality, and follow through.
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently.
  • Folklórico dance exposure or experience is a PLUS.
  • Ability to express knowledge of Mexican Culture is a PLUS.


Address: PO Box 611201

Deadline: 03-31-2018

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