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Community Development Facilitator

San Diego

The Art Career Café ( is a web-based community of arts, culture and creative sector workers and employers who are either looking for work or looking for qualified workers. Our tag line, “Put your passion to work” is not just an imperative statement; it’s a battle cry for all who seek meaningful work in the creative sector – both private and nonprofit.

Launched as a dynamic, revenue-generating site in June 2014, it began as a lean startup in August 2012 by Victoria Plettner-Saunders, the Café’s Creative Director. A labor of love, it was designed to respond to an industry need for a clean, well-lighted job search site and Victoria’s passion for supporting creative career and professional development.

The site looks and feels different than any job search site in the nonprofit arts and culture sector – it’s easy to navigate, lovely to look at, full of stories about people in the creative economy, and carefully curated to ensure quality control. It is inexpensive for posting jobs ($60 for 6 weeks…that’s it). It has a voice and real people behind it. Or at least right now, a person, Victoria, and she (I) need(s) help.

To be fair, the site and I need help building a stronger presence in the arts and culture community and a bigger database of job opportunities for passionate job seekers.

The Community Development Facilitator position will help us address this need.

If I have your attention and you are interested in finding out more. Please use this link:

The position is freelance/contractual, part-time and pays $25 per hour for up to 40 hours per month.

Contact:Victoria Plettner-Saunders
Addressee:4769 Kensington Drive

Deadline: 11-21-2014

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