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Deputy Director
San Diego Youth Symphony & Conservatory

San Diego

Deputy Director

The San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory has established a long term vision for music education to be accessible and affordable for all children. It aims to reach this vision by building community support for music education. The SDYS Balboa Park Programs, Community Opus Project, and initiatives to support school-based music education currently serve as the mechanisms for building this community support. New initiatives including programs, partnerships, and communications efforts are regularly being developed to expand SDYS' efficacy in building a movement for music education.

Job Summary

The Deputy Director reports to the President and CEO and facilitates the collaborative work of the Music Director, External Relations Director and managers in planning, implementation and fulfillment of annual goals. The Deputy Director builds organizational strength by applying a multi-departmental perspective to the analysis of decisions and policies. This includes identifying long term implications of organizational decisions, SDYS' capacity and relationships. Supervises the work of the Management Team and has three direct reports.

Principal Responsibilities

  • Program Implementation

Work with the President and CEO, Music Director, and program managers to develop strategic plans for all programs. Coordinate the management of program delivery within the annual goals and budget parameters. Facilitate effective management team collaboration and communication as well as individual "sounding board" support. Oversee consistent communications and application of program policies with families and students. Ensure programs continue to resonate with constituents and fulfill funder expectations.

  • Human Resources

Build a collaborative staff team and culture through identification of strong candidates, sound hiring processes, on boarding of new employees, and management of internal collaboration. Ongoing review of staffing structure and job descriptions based on current plans and future goals. Manage all personnel matters, benefits programs, and compliance with HR regulations.

  • Finance & Legal

Direct the overall financial operations to ensure fiscal health of the organization and compliance with policies. Prepare the annual budget based on the goals. Liaise with external financial entities including banking and investment services providers. Review all service and partnership contracts.

  • Operations & Administration

Ensure efficient and effective organizational operations and logistics. Oversee development of infrastructure and capacity to carry the organization and its programs to the next level of operation.

Qualifications and Skills

  • At least five years management experience including Business, HR, and Finance
  • Master's degree or equivalent experience (preferred)
  • Nonprofit knowledge (preferred)
  • Performing arts or music education background (preferred)
  • Experienced team leader and manager of people and projects
  • Independent thinker and collaborative partner
  • Practitioner of analytic skills within a creative and adaptive environment
  • Background working with youth, parents and families
  • Strong verbal and written communications skills
  • Comfort with English as a Second Language speakers


Please email your cover letter and resume to Sheila Walker, Associate Director

Contact:Sheila Walker

Deadline: 12-06-2014

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