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Executive Director
Local Initiatives Support Corporation

Los Angeles, CA

Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) seeks a seasoned and mature leader for the Executive Director position in its Los Angeles office. This is a key position within LISC and is critical to the ongoing success of this 28 year old program. The Executive Director will provide the strategic direction and guidance for all aspects of LISC’s future program vision and strategies in Los Angeles. The successful candidate will have strong leadership, communication, and entrepreneurial skills along with an understanding of the importance of both public and private sector engagement in community revitalization efforts. The position requires a strong commitment to the role of community-based non-profit organizations as agents of positive community change as well as an understanding of and appreciation for other key public and private partners who can offer additional resources to the work of community development in the Los Angeles region.

The Executive Director must develop, maintain, and lead effective working relationships with corporate, philanthropic, civic and public entities that currently or may potentially support a community development agenda. The Executive Director is responsible for developing the direction and focus of the program and securing the capital and resources to implement a three-year strategic plan. The Executive Director is directly accountable to LISC’s national management and legal structure. The Los Angeles LISC program leverages national LISC financial support in response to local fundraising. The national office provides a mix of debt and grant support to the local program through an annual budget process. This unique structure allows LISC to maximize local control and direction while also reaping the benefits of a nationalized and coordinated organization that can draw resources to the work of community development at an unprecedented scale. LISC is, in fact, the country’s largest community development intermediary organization.

I. Responsibilities:

A. Organizational management and program development

  • Build and maintain an empowered staff to implement the Los Angeles LISC strategic plan.
  • Oversee and monitor the performance of LISC’s financing, technical assistance, training and organizational development strategies to strengthen partner capacities and impact.
  • Identify and incorporate best practices gained from national LISC interaction into Los Angeles program designs.
  • Maintain and build a diverse and inclusive staff and work culture.

B. Public policy leadership and advocacy

  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships at the highest levels of local and state government as well as in the corporate and foundation sectors.
  • Develop and maintain partnerships with community organizations and other advocacy groups engaged in public policy issues.
  • Bring visibility and thoughtful leadership to important issues, policies, and funding decisions that support the work of the community development industry.
  • Represent Los Angeles LISC on key community task forces, commissions and other policy bodies, as appropriate.

C. Fundraising and development

  • Identify and cultivate leadership from key corporate, foundation and other prospective donor sectors who share an interest in community development.
  • Work with the leadership of the Local Advisory Board (LAB) to raise sufficient funds annually to finance Los Angeles LISC program activities and projects.
  • Seek out new and creative resource development strategies for LISC and the community development field.

D. Build and promote the community development industry in the Los Angeles region through community leadership and external relationships

  • Develop, lead, and maintain a shared community development agenda through dialogue with local government, state agencies, other private and quasi-public financial institutions and intermediaries, advocacy groups, and community based organizations.
  • Promote effective community development strategies to attract resources to targeted under-served populations and neighborhoods in the Los Angeles region.
  • Provide leadership and support in implementing an effective on-going communications strategy.

E. Leadership and management of the Local Advisory Board (LAB)

  • Coordinate strategic and annual planning/budgeting processes in collaboration with the LAB and LISC’s regional program vice president.
  • Maintain understanding and connection between the LAB and national LISC direction, policy, and programs.
  • Recruit and orient a diverse, skilled and broadly representative LAB membership.

F. Build and maintain positive relationships with national LISC

  • Participate in national LISC leadership structure and meetings.
  • Bring visibility to local innovations and programs within the national LISC structure.
  • Maximize the use of National LISC resources and expertise in the Los Angeles region.

II. Critical Qualities:

  • Demonstrated track record in providing leadership for the development of strategic vision.
  • Ability to establish priorities that align with a strategic plan and manage multiple agendas and programs effectively.
  • Demonstrated ability to attract and sustain philanthropic funding.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills, including experience speaking publicly in diverse forums.
  • Knowledge, understanding of, and experience in community development strategies, including working knowledge of real estate related resource and capital development strategies utilized in real estate and community revitalization efforts.
  • Entrepreneurial orientation; ability to seek out creative approaches to community issues.
  • Proven ability to work in culturally and ethnically diverse environments.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively with a wide variety of people and organizations, including senior level corporate, philanthropic and public sector representatives; ability to inspire trust and to motivate staff and partners.
  • Experience building and facilitating relationships within and among various sectors.
  • Demonstrated management experience, including staff development, financial management, and office administration.

III. Required Qualifications:

  • Ten years senior level experience in community development or related field.
  • Demonstrated commitment to LISC’s community development mission.
  • Bachelor’s degree in business, finance, real estate or related fields. Master’s degree preferred.

IV. Supervision:

  • The Executive Director reports to the LISC Western Region Program Vice President

Send RESUMES and COVER LETTERS via email to:

Mariano Diaz, Western Region Program Vice President
Local Initiatives Support Corporation
500 South Grand Avenue, Ste. 2300
Los Angeles, CA 90071

No phone calls please



Deadline: 02-27-2015

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