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Development / Marketing Associate
African-American Shakespeare Company

San Francisco


African-American Shakespeare Company seeks a dynamic individual to assist with the cultivation of donors, writing grants, institutional marketing, and content messaging. African-American Shakespeare is the premiere Black theater company in the City and County of San Francisco with a unique vision.  Under the leadership of a nationally renowned and recognized Artistic Director, L. Peter Callender; and founder, Sherri Young, African-American Shakespeare need to hire their next cast member. 

Development/Marketing associate will provide direct fund-raising and development support to sustain and enhance the institutional mission; and assist in the content messaging and institutional marketing for the organization.

Major Responsibilities

  • Proposal Narratives: Write sizzling proposal narratives that shares the vision and goals of proposed initiatives.   Make descriptive paragraphs that reflect the people and community we serve, the organization composition, and the reason for the company’s existence.
  • Conduct Research: Research on prospects, including individuals, corporations, and foundations identified by the organization as potential sources of private funds for specific projects; conducts ongoing research in business, philanthropy, and related fields to identify potential donors and sources of donor information.
  • Donation appeal letters: Write a series of donation appeal letters: first-time attendees, lapse donors, and continuous donors; coordinate volunteers and board members to participate in donor appeal drive.
  • Institutional Marketing: Identify and plan strategic institutional stories to be sought in the media. Institutional stories goes beyond the productions and highlights the organization, its constituents, community, and leaders.   Develop relationship with key media individuals about the company; write press release for the organization; and pitch story ideas to national, regional, and local print, radio, and television media.
  • Content Messaging: Provide content messages for out-going email blasts, tweets, and other communication avenues to our community.
  • Donor Cultivation: Invite donors to various events; Connect with patrons and potential donors to Star Entry Event; Work with board of directors to participate in their “Thank You” calls to donors; Create thank you letter templates for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th year donors.


  • Experience: Prior experience in fund development, communications, and/or journalism are a plus. 
  •  Skills & Abilities: Must have excellent writing skills specializing in both journalist and fund development writing styles. Must have the ability to work independently with minimal supervision.  Must have strong editing and copy writing skills. Ability to meet deadlines and communicate effectively with Supervisor.

Contact:Sherri Young
Addressee:762 Fulton Street, Suite 305

Deadline: 03-01-2015

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