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JAC, Jinx Arts Curator

Dana Point, CA


At JAC, #JinxArtsCurator, We Passionately Support and Showcase Emerging to Established Artists in the Art Community by Curating and Collaborating All Things Art BECAUSE we Truly Believe that Art is Necessary for Spiritual, Physical & Emotional Growth.


JAC, #JinxArtsCurator is a Unique Art Agency. We provide an In-Person & Online Presence for Artists to Showcase their Art or Artistic Services, Gifts & Talents to Art Enthusiasts that want to Notably Change the Ambiance of their Establishment, Storefront, Office, Event, Charity, Staging, Home and Everywhere not mentioned.

JAC’s Agents Seamlessly Provide Art Experiences for Every Occasion in the Forms of: Events, Showcasings, Presentations, Receptions, Exhibits, Venues, Live Shows, 1 Day or 1 Night Pop-Up Galleries for Your Home or Office, 30 Day Art Installations for Your Business and Art4Therapy for Educational Purposes.

JAC Houses a Wide Array of Art from: Action Art, Action Sports Art, Ocean Art, Wall Art, Sculpture, Live Visual Art, Live Music, Live Photography/Videography, Interactive Art Classes, Live Art Demonstrations, Live Art Discussions, Art Hypnosis Class, Dancing & Movement, Interactive Entertaining Performing Art, Motivational Speaking, Book Releases/Signings, Live Poetry Sessions, Comedy Shows, Magic Shows, Locally Hand Crafted Organic Unique Treats/Libations, Artistic Coaching, Educational & Healing Tools Through Art and Any Every Other Way You Can Think of to Get Art In The Mix.

We recently launched JAC TV on YouTube. We did this to better showcase the Artists and their Incredible Art. The Show is about Going On Art Adventures with Jinx Law, Founder of JAC, and Taking Educational Tours of Artist Studios. Join Us as We Meet Working Artists - Discovering Some of the Most Intriguing Art Ever Being Created.

If You Support and Share JAC’s Vibrant Passion for Art, People & Life, … and are interested in filming with JAC for JAC TV, please Join Us and Help Us Build The Show.

We support amateurs and professionals alike !

Give the Gift of Art / Enhance Your Life / Grow Everyone Around You. The position available is: Videographer/Photographer to Jinx, Arts Curator and Founder of JAC

The job description is:

  • Support the Vision of Jinx. She Conducts Business by Providing an Educational Service in the Form of Art. Jinx Passionately Loves, Art, People and Enhancing Life with Art. She Believes that Art is Beneficial to Spiritual, Physical & Emotional Growth and She Wholeheartedly Supports Treating Ailments & Issues in all Forms with Art. Jinx Welcomes and Invites Correspondence that Encompasses Influencing the Health Aspect with Art. She Undeniably Believes that Art is in Every Place and In Everything ! … and Feels that, by Showcasing Art, You Are Enlightening and Growing Your Self and Everyone Around You.
  • Be Interested in Learning and Growing
  • Be Flexible and Adaptable in a Changing Environment
  • Always Provide Amazing Customer Service
  • Share & Exchange Information Clearly
  • Must be: Punctual, Presentable & Respectable
  • Communicate Clearly about Interior Design & Benefits of Art
  • Coordinate, Direct and Manage a Team
  • Comprehend Marketing, Advertising & Promotions

The qualifications are:

You Must:
  • Be able to text, voice call and email
  • Have reliable transportation
  • Be level headed - direct but compassionate
  • Be able to follow and give direction
  • Be willing to learn and grow in the position
  • Passionately Love Art, People & Life
  • Be On-Time, Responsible, Respectable & Adventurous
  • Effectively provide me with unique, usable video footage, still photographs and a short, creative write-up on paper documenting the Art Experience.

The compensation is:

The potential to grow swiftly in the company and receive monetary compensation by way of filming JAC Art Adventures is definitely available and depends on your ability to fulfill the Videography/Photography responsibilities.

Please provide the following Applicant information:

  • Proof of ability to work legally in the United States
  • Must reside in Los Angeles or Orange County
  • Provide a short, written summary of any relevant experiences, skills or gifts that are essential to the position

These Artist Tours are low-key, super fun and have tons of unexpected twists that need to be captured and shared. Before video, I always left the interviews feeling like I wasn’t able to do the Artist or their work justice.

Thank You for Your Interest in Working within JAC. If this position looks exciting, please reach out to Us.

Jinx can be reached via email, text and voice call.

Jinx Law, Arts Curator


Contact:Jinx Law

Deadline: 04-01-2015

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