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Art Director – Visual Arts Certification Institute
Local Masters

San Francisco, CA

Seeking Art Expert to Lead New Training Initiative

Position Summary seeks an experienced director of a Art certification program for an ongoing opportunity to extend the value of their expertise. A successful candidate will be an established Art training director with a strong reputation who has already developed their own coursework, and is interested in providing mentorship to dedicated individuals seeking authorization to provide Art training in their own local area. Those experienced with community outreach and entrepreneurship are preferred. Additional duties may include:
  • Shared recruitment and retention activities
  • Shared academic and creative advising
  • Work individually with participants who may need extra guidance
  • Provide regular and constructive feedback
  • Collaborate with to provide a high-quality experience for all participants


  • Education: Certified Art Master with extensive experience training students


  • Development of own coursework
  • Proven track record showing a steady progression of skill level, increased levels of responsibility, and personal career oriented professional development


Deadline: 05-31-2016

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