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Director of Arts and Culture
City of San Antonio

San Antonio, TX


The City of San Antonio’s Department of Arts & Culture (DAC) advocates for the growth of the local creative industry by increasing awareness of the impact and value of arts and culture to the city. Its mission is to foster San Antonio’s creative community by supporting local arts organizations and individual artists. The DAC works with partners around the city to realize its vision of improving the quality of life for San Antonio residents and enriching the experiences of visitors. Some of those partners include the City of San Antonio’s Center City Development & Operations Department, Diez y Seis de Septiembre Commission, and International Relations Office, as well as SA2020 and San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

The DAC is comprised of four divisions: Arts Funding Leadership, Public Art San Antonio, Cultural Events & Exhibits, and San Antonio Film Commission. The goal of the Arts Funding Leadership is to invest in arts and cultural programs that deliver excellence and innovation while also engaging audiences in the unique experience of San Antonio. To achieve this goal, this division has designed five distinctive programs that support a wide range of arts and cultural organizations, individual artists, artist collectives, and neighborhood groups to animate the economic vitality of the arts for a diverse community. The funding programs include Cultural Arts Operational Support, Festivals and Community Celebrations, stART Place, Artist Re-granting, and Technical and Economic Development Assistance.

Public Art San Antonio (PASA) is responsible for managing public art projects and programs that express the vibrancy and diversity of the San Antonio community through art and place-making. These have included art projects associated with the City of San Antonio’s capital improvement programs that connect to the community through exhibits, presentations, outreach, and planning initiatives. PASA works directly with all City of San Antonio departments to support local public art efforts of artists, community groups, partnership organizations, and outside agencies. PASA also manages programs such as RESYMBOL, which features the work of local artists to activate the downtown cityscape with thoughtfully integrated art.

The City of San Antonio’s ever-changing Cultural Events & Exhibits division currently includes Centro des Artes, Culture Commons, and Portable Artwork. In September 2016, the DAC began managing exhibits within the Centro de Artes Gallery at Historic Market Square. This space is dedicated to telling the story of the Latino experience through local and regional art, history, and culture, showcasing San Antonio-based Latino artists and Latino-themed artworks. Since June 2015, DAC has managed and curated exhibits in the Culture Commons Gallery at Plaza de Armas. The goal of Culture Commons is to celebrate and showcase San Antonio-based artists who exhibit professional work for the benefit of San Antonio residents and visitors. Culture Commons consists of a storefront gallery as well as a 1,500-square-foot exhibit hall that features visual art exhibits, performances, guest speakers, and workshops. Started in 2000, Portable Artworks is a collection of borrowed, donated, and acquired artworks that represent emerging and established San Antonio artists working in all media. This collection increases public awareness and support for local artists by displaying artwork in various City of San Antonio facilities.

The mission of the San Antonio Film Commission, or Film San Antonio, is to promote the art and craft of filmmaking in San Antonio to positively affect the City's economy. The San Antonio Film Commission provides assistance in a range of services, including location scouting and casting calls. San Antonio Film Commission is a member of the Texas Association of Film Commissions and Association of Film Commissions International. The winner of the first Academy Award for Best Picture, Wings, was filmed in San Antonio in 1927. Since then, many other feature films, documentaries, and independent productions have been shot in San Antonio, as filmmakers appreciate the diverse shooting locations, from historical sites to turn-of-the-century neighborhoods of lovingly reconstructed homes. A warm climate with sunshine most of the year, accommodating and affordable crews, and significant production incentives make San Antonio an ideal choice for both large and small productions.                  

The City of San Antonio is a municipal corporation following the council-manager form of government. The City Council is the city’s legislative body that enacts laws (ordinances), sets policies (resolutions), and adopts an annual budget. The City Manager serves as the City of San Antonio’s Chief Administrative Officer and ensures that the City Council’s programs are implemented. The DAC is funded by the hotel occupancy tax, supported in part by the Texas Commission on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts. The DAC’s policies and procedures are advised by the San Antonio Arts Commission, whose members are appointed by City Council and the Mayor. In fiscal year 2017, the City of San Antonio will operate with a budget of $2.5 billion.

Celebrating its tricentennial in 2018, San Antonio is both modern and deeply rooted in history and Spanish culture. Ranked as the seventh largest city in the United States by the 2010 Census, San Antonio’s population continues to grow due to the attractive business climate and affordable cost of living. The city’s medical and bioscience professionals are recognized as some of the best in the country, developing cutting-edge treatments, devices, and pharmaceuticals. San Antonio boasts 31 institutes of higher education, including The Art Institute of San Antonio, The University of Texas at San Antonio, and Trinity University. Making significant strides in early education, the city’s Pre-K 4 SA program ensures that all children in San Antonio have access to pre-K early education. 

For arts and culture enthusiasts, San Antonio provides a wealth of experiences for its residents. In 2014, the spectacular Tobin Center for the Performing Arts opened on the banks of the San Antonio River Walk. This world-class performing arts facility is home to ten prominent arts organizations, including Ballet San Antonio, Opera San Antonio, San Antonio Symphony, SOLI Chamber Ensemble, and Youth Orchestras of San Antonio. The city has also recently attracted talent from nationally recognized institutions such as Brooklyn Museum and Joffrey Ballet to lead its most visible cultural organizations. The arts economy in San Antonio exceeds $4.3 billion in revenues returned to the community each year, securing the flourishing creative arts as an integral part to the quality of life in this diverse city.

As a forward-looking city, San Antonio is investing in the downtown area and revitalizing the former grounds of the 1968 Hemisfair. New apartments and condominiums line the San Antonio River Walk, giving the downtown area a decidedly urban feel. Both city parks and the beautiful surrounding areas are loved by outdoor enthusiasts. Ranked among the top 50 bike friendly cities by Bicycling Magazine, more than 50 miles of developed greenway trails are dedicated to biking, walking, and jogging. As home to Chef Johnny Hernandez, who served as guest chef at this year’s White House Cinco de Mayo celebration, and with a wide variety of quality restaurants, San Antonio has quickly become a new dining destination. Additionally, sports fans can enjoy games from an array of local professional teams, including the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs, the AHL’s San Antonio Rampage, and WNBA’s San Antonio Stars.

The Director of Arts and Culture (Director) will be engaged in planning, directing, managing, and overseeing all department activities and operations. The Director will initiate projects that address priorities in arts and culture, advocate for the arts, manage the nonprofit agency funding process, and support economic development for the creative sector. This individual will coordinate assigned activities with other city departments and outside agencies, collaborate with the San Antonio Arts Commission, provide support to the City Manager's office, and serve as the City of San Antonio’s representative in all matters pertaining to arts and culture.

Roles & Responsibilities


  • Direct the DAC and its four divisions: Arts Funding Leadership, Public Art San Antonio, Cultural Events & Exhibits, and San Antonio Film Commission.
  • Oversee the investment of more than $6 million using a competitive process to distribute funds to more than 50 art organizations in order to enhance accessibility to the arts.
  • Supervise department-curated cultural events and exhibits that connect and engage San Antonio residents and visitors with local artists to enrich their quality of life.
  • Lead department staff to implement cultural initiatives, including the San Antonio Poet Laureate program, Diez y Seis de Septiembre Commission, Cultural Commons Gallery, and Centro de Artes Gallery.
  • Develop the content for the Neighborhood Choirs program.
  • Manage the Public Art San Antonio (PASA) division, facilitating a public process for commissioning extraordinary art.
  • Oversee the management of the San Antonio Film Commission to provide an array of services to filmmakers.


  • Hire and manage all staff and engage in professional development and training.
  • Lead and participate in the development and administration of the department budget.
  • Direct the use of funding and identify needs for staff, equipment, and materials.
  • Attend professional group meetings to share and implement current best practices and industry standards with staff.

Collaboration and Advocacy

  • Coordinate departmental activities with outside agencies and other City of San Antonio organizations, providing staff assistance to the City Manager, Assistant City Managers, and City Council.
  • Promote cooperation and collaboration among the cultural arts community.
  • Facilitate public discussions on issues affecting the arts community.
  • Engage in community events related to arts and culture.
  • Act as official department representative to other City of San Antonio departments, the City Manager's office, elected officials, and outside agencies.
  • Negotiate and manage sensitive and significant internal and external issues of the City of San Antonio.

Traits & Characteristics

The Director will be a dynamic and visionary leader who values teamwork, integrity, innovation, and professionalism. This individual will appreciate the skills, experience, and input of others in formulating plans and achieving successful outcomes. The Director will promote a culture of collaboration and creativity, both at the staff level and across other City of San Antonio departments. Seeking to engage a broad swath of the region’s greater population, the Director will welcome variances in artistic interpretation and will embrace diversity and cross-cultural understanding. This individual will have the ability to juggle multiple projects while simultaneously setting priorities and achieving objectives.

Other key competencies include the following:

  • Leadership – Organizing and motivating others in order to achieve extraordinary results through people, collaboration, and artistic excellence.
  • Personal Accountability – Maintaining a capacity to be answerable for personal actions and applying learned lessons in order to move forward to successful outcomes.
  • Interpersonal Skills – Building rapport and demonstrating a sincere interest in others. Effectively communicating and relating well to all kinds of people. 

A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major coursework in art history, public administration, business administration, public relations, or a related field is required. A master's degree is highly preferred. Qualified candidates should have ten years of increasing responsibility and management in the areas of art and cultural affairs, including five years of administrative or supervisory responsibility or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Compensation & Benefits
The benefit package includes a highly competitive salary, retirement package, health care benefits, life insurance, 13 paid holidays, executive car allowance, cell phone allowance, generous leave and vacation, and relocation assistance.

Applications & Inquiries
Please submit a cover letter and resume (electronic submissions preferred) with demonstrable accomplishments to the address below.

Ms. Pamela A. Pantos
Vice President
292 Newbury Street, Suite 315
Boston, MA 02115-2801
Tel: (888) 234.4236 Ext. 204
Fax: (888) 284.6651

The City of San Antonio is an equal opportunity employer.

Contact:Pamela A. Pantos
Phone:888.234.4236 Ext. 204

Deadline: 01-17-2017

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