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Production Manager
Alonzo King LINES ballet

San Francisco, CA



The Production Manager Alonzo King LINES Ballet is an integral part of the Company’s Production Personnel. The PM oversees all technical aspects of the Company’s productions, manages the production budget, supervises the production staff and advances all shows with venues.

The Production Manager’s responsibilities will span 15-17 weeks of touring annually, 2 San Francisco seasons (2 weeks each) and 2 new works.

This is a full-time position with benefits.


  • Act as on-site production lead & decision-maker, including: supervise local crew and touring staff, overall liaison with Presenter and venue, resolve any contract-related issues, bear ultimate responsibility for performance quality, ensure Presenter satisfaction, and maintain professional working process and relationship with externals.
  • Oversee timely, thorough, and accurate advance work is completed. Develop and track prep deadlines. Advance production plans with each venue.
  • Supervise Stage Manager, and Lighting Supervisor with tour preparation: proof schedules, prepare and proof technical plans.
  • Review production plans prior to load-in in concert with Lighting Supervisor and Stage Manager.
  • Maintain responsibility for all company production assets, as well as storage facilities.
  • Supervise load-in of Company equipment into theatres.
  • Act as Company video supervisor.
  • Supervise load out of all Company equipment.
  • Work to ensure overall technical quality and consistency of all Company. performances. Anticipate and respond to aesthetic issues at each venue.
  • Facilitate communication between road and local crew and look after the big picture and schedule during load-in. Solve problems that arise.
  • Prioritize and resolve technical and Company issues.
  • Ensure decisions made on tour adhere to budget.
  • Ensure safe working practices are followed.
  • Ensure Company equipment is kept in good condition.
  • Maintain positive relationships with local crew and presenters.


Finance & Administrative

  • Develop and control touring and production expense budget
  • Review, approve, and track all production expenditures.
  • Receive, review, process, and ensure timely payment of invoices from all   production vendors.
  • Provide expense quotes to General Manager during booking negotiations.
  • Coordinate timing and priority of production payables with Director of Finance. Maintain weekly expense projection worksheet.
  • Review and approve all production department check requests, petty cash, and credit card reports.
  • Hire and schedule over hire crew. Draft and execute over hire crew contracts. Generate check requests and track payment for over hire crew and      reimbursements for all production staff.
  • First point of contact for production department HR issues. Give employee feedback and maintain morale.
  • Recruit, interview, and supervise Production Interns.
  • Maintain Company storage facility
  • If needed, rent and drive cars or trucks needed for Company activities.
  • Develop & Maintain Archival Paperwork for all repertoire and performances.

New Work Creation

  • Schedule and lead design and creative meetings.
  • Create new work tech schedule.
  • Engage and contract designers. Coordinate designer schedules.
  • Ensure that new works are built to be tour-able and within budget
  • Create preliminary technical requirements prior to premiere
  • Create and maintain technical rider


  • Assist in the technical need of company rehearsal space


  • Review and approve tour venues with General Manager.
  • Create and maintain technical riders.
  • Get technical specifications and plans of all tour venues.
  • Determine how the show will be installed in each venue.
  • Assist with creation of venue-specific and generic tour paperwork and plans-scenery plot, lineset schedule and audio/video paperwork
  • Advance freight, carpentry, and video with local production staff.
  • Apply for ATA carnet, oversee all Customs arrangements
  • Oversee freight arrangements and coordinate with shipping agents to ensure on-time delivery and pickup of Company freight.
  • Arrange any rental equipment required for a tour


Minimum 3-5 years professional experience in contemporary dance or theater. Should have a broad knowledge of the touring dance industry; specialized knowledge in scenic and lighting design and equipment; the ability to work independently and the willingness to take initiative; strong organizational skills; leadership qualities and problem solving skills; excellent written and verbal communication skills; a desire to travel frequently; a positive attitude and sense of humor; speaking a second language is helpful; dance production and international touring experience is a plus.


Proficiency in Vectorworks, Lightwright 5, QLab and MS Office.

Must have a valid driver’s license, be able to lift and carry up to 50lbs, and must be comfortable working at heights up to 25ft.


The Production Manager reports to the General Manager

Lighting Supervisor, Stage Manager and Sound Supervisor report to the Production Manager.

START DATE: mid-July to early-August 2017
Candidates are invited to send a cover letter, resume, example paperwork and references (no phone calls please) to

References will not be contacted at this time and all applications will remain strictly confidential. Applications will be accepted until a final candidate is chosen. Please use the following SUBJECT: “AKLB Production Manager Search”


Contact:Robert Rosenwasser
Address: 26 7th Street

Deadline: 07-01-2017

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