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Schwarzenegger Proclaims October as Arts and Humanities Month and recognizes October 1, 2010 as California Arts Day
Golden State's Governor encourages programs that support artists, innovators and arts programs for children

Published: 10-14-2010

The California Arts Day and Arts and Humanities Month topics continue through October! Last week Governor Schwarzenegger issued an official proclamation recognizing October as National Arts and Humanities Month and October 1, 2010 as California Arts Day. "California is host to an assortment of creative industries, from visual and performing arts associations and museums to bustling film, design, and multi-media businesses," he stated. "This California Arts Day, we commit ourselves to raising awareness for resources that will help to support artists and innovators, as well as art programs for our children." SEE FULL PROCLAMATION

Schwarzenegger also reminded Californians of the importance of the Arts License Plate and the Million Plates Campaign for the Arts to further the arts and creativity through the California Arts Council.

"The importance of the arts within our society will be emphasized with the California Arts License Plate," stated Schwarzenegger. "Proceeds from the Arts License Plate will benefit the California Art Council's youth and community programs. 

"If one million Californians purchased an Arts License Plate, there would be an additional $40 million for the arts. Our economy is directly affected by the innovative ideas of our citizens and artistic organizations. The purchase of this plate recognizes the hard work of these individuals and community groups."

As a final note, the Governor encouraged all California citizens to celebrate the arts throughout October, "whether that means visiting your local museum or creating your own art, I urge you to explore what your great state and its citizens have to offer."

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