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California Imagination for Arts Day 2008
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Published: 08-20-2008

On the first Friday of October, the annual celebration of California Arts Day takes place in cities and towns across the state. The theme this year is "California Imagination," and the image is the California Imagination bear created by Los Angeles artist Jillian Kogan and composed of objects from hundreds of arts organizations and artists in California.

Each year the California Arts Council creates a special section on our website specifically to promote California Arts Day -- information on what's happening around the state for Arts Day, how to get Arts Day imagery and materials, press-release templates for arts organizations, and much much more.

California Arts Day--the first Friday of October--is now in its 8th year, celebrates the arts and creativity in the state, and coincides with National Arts and Humanities Month every October.

Free Poster!

California Imagination PosterThis year's image for California Arts Day poster and other materials is from the California Imagination project, a collaboration between the California Arts Council, assemblage artist Kogan, and hundreds of artists and arts organizations throughout California. Each object in Kogan's assemblage (a temporary installation created in April 2008) comes from a California artist or arts organization--from the whistle used in acting exercises by a northern California Shakespeare theater, to a Native American handmade drum, to photos of world-renowned artistic institutions.

To celebrate California Arts Day and promote the arts and creativity in the state, the California Arts Council is distributing the California Imagination / California Arts Day 2008 poster for only the cost of postage and packaging. More details are available on our Arts Day 2008 poster page.

List your Event

This year the Arts Council has upgraded its web technology to include a database-managed list of California Arts Day events throughout the state. The California Arts Council invites all Californians to take part in California Arts Day in their local communities and celebrate the arts and culture of California. The "What Happening on Arts Day" page lists events throughout California, from performing arts ticket discounts to community celebrations to school or kids events. 

But we need content to fill up the "What's Happening for Arts Day 2008" database. Arts organizations, teachers and others can fill out the California Arts Day Events form and post their events on the California Arts Council website. Listings will be reviewed by California Arts Council staff and posted within 48 hours.

See the Public Service Announcement

The temporary installation was memorialized in a stop-motion, photography-animated public-service announcement earlier this year. Take a look on our California Imagination PSA page!

"Our artists do some amazing things, and each one of these objects tells a story about the arts in California," said Muriel Johnson, Director of the California Arts Council. "The California Arts Council is thrilled we're able to show them off through the California Imagination project."

Use the California Arts Day tools and Tool Box

The California Arts Day website features templates, samples and tools for arts administrators, supporters and others to help promote the events on or surrounding Friday, October 3, 2008.

Features include the "What to Do" suggestions page, a PDF "Tool Box," and sample Press Releases.

Get local government involved!

Each year dozens of cities, counties and other government entities pass resolutions and proclamations recognizing California Arts Day and the importance of arts, culture and creativity to their local communities. Interested in having a resolution passed by your city council or board of supervisors, but don't know where to start? We've put together some sample resolution language to help.

Why an Arts Day?

The efforts of arts organizations statewide to create special events and opportunities for the public on California Arts Day can help demonstrate the impact the arts, creativity and imagination have on the California economy, the education and job preparation of its children, and the health and vitality of civic life in the state. By coming together under the unifying banner of the arts, Californians can show how important and rewarding the arts are to the California experience.

How can I help if I'm not a full-time artist?

California Arts Day isn't just about organized events. Californians can participate in the arts in quieter ways. Take an arts class. Write a poem or short story. Dance! Or participate as an arts lover by taking friends and family to arts events like the theater, museums, galleries, dance performances, music events, and other arts and cultural activities. Parents can take their children on an arts outing, adults can make plans for a performance with their senior citizen parents, couples can go somewhere artistic together, friends can invite friends, to experience the richness of California Imagination.

Through California Arts Day, the California Arts Council hopes to demonstrate the value, strength, and beauty of the arts and generate media coverage on the role the arts play in California. California Arts Day, the first Friday in October, coincides with the national celebration of Arts and Humanities Month, and many events that occur in October can be associated with this event as well as California Arts Day.

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