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Schwarzenegger Proclaims October 3 as California Arts Day
"California has a fantastic artistic tradition," says Governor

Published: 10-03-2008

California Arts Day is recognized on the first Friday of October and promoted by the California Arts Council to complement national Arts and Humanities Month. Thousands of Californians celebrated the arts and honored the creativity of the state and its people -- including Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger through an official proclamation, as noted below:

"California has a fantastic artistic tradition. Artists find inspiration in everything California represents, from our natural beauty to our vibrant people. Our Golden State has always had an incredible pool of creative talent, and this year's theme, "California Imagination," emphasizes the incredible strength and diversity of our state's art and artists.

"In addition to a rich cultural heritage, California receives many tangible benefits for its patronage of the arts. More than half a million people in California are currently employed by the growing industry of creative businesses, more than in any other state. Creativity and innovation are essential in many fields, and by encouraging an artistic spirit, we encourage growth in these necessary areas.

"Additionally, art and music programs in our schools give our children creative outlets and offer them a safe environment to come together and express themselves. Education in the arts encourages imagination in other areas and instills confidence. Artistic activities also encourage our youth to devote their time and energy to developing their talents, and help them turn away from violence, alcohol and drug use.

"California Arts Day is an opportunity for everyone to become more involved in the arts. Whether it is visiting museums or getting your hands dirty with a project at home, there are countless ways to enjoy the arts. I urge all Californians to explore the rich cultural tapestry of our Golden State and discover the many artistic opportunities that are available.

"NOW, THERFORE, I, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, Governor of the State of California, do hereby proclaim October 3, 2008, as "California Arts Day."

Schwarzenegger joins countless others in honoring our state's and citizens' creativity. Take a look at what other Californians are doing on California Arts Day on the Arts Council's webpage. Celebrate California Imagination on Friday, October 3, and every day of the year.

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